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Tough Decisions Ahead for Democrats, Republicans & Citizens

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With the election of socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx, New York district to the House of Representatives, Democrat and Republican elected officials have some heart-felt thinking to do and some difficult decisions to make. The sect of Democrats, calling the group “Justice Democrats,” are looking to change the face of the Democrat party to a party that advocates full-blown socialism, indicating a radical shift in policy, economics and freedom. In other words, this group intends to “takeover” the establishment Democrat Party.

The far-left group that grew out of Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential run recorded its biggest victory last week with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s surprise primary win over Democrat representative Joe Crowley (N.Y.). They say it’s just the start of its takeover of the party. [Emphasis mine]

Ocasio, a socialist who ran a strong campaign focused on far-left policies such as universal health care, a federal jobs guarantee, housing as a human right, and abolishing ICE, defeated Crowley, a top House Democrat, by 15 points on Tuesday. Ocasio-Cortez was an organizer for Sanders’s 2016 campaign and was part of a group of candidates associated with Justice Democrats, a group launched by Sanders campaign alums with aim to transform the Democratic Party.

The group says Tuesday’s victory was its breakthrough moment, and it is seeing signs of more victories to come.

“There’s a moment when things shift,” said Corbin Trent, who led the Sanders campaign in Tennessee and now heads communications for Justice Democrats. “This is that moment.”

Trent says there is a new energy among both its candidates and supporters since the win, with people taking note that if you put the same work in as Ocasio and her campaign, you can be the next upset.

Anyone asleep at the wheel could not have foreseen this movement that sprang out of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Those who are awake and adhere to the Constitution saw Sanders as a socialist who declared himself an independent while running for president under the Democratic banner. It was known that Sanders would push a socialist platform and policy should he be chosen as the Democratic nominee and beat the Republican candidate for president.

With institutes of higher learning becoming indoctrination centers instead of educational institutions, the young people of this republic have embraced socialism as some kind of “utopia” instead of the brutal system of slavery that it truly is. Moreover, there are plenty of Democrats who embrace socialism because it gives government the ultimate power over the people and plenty of people on the government dole who embrace more power to government to take the fruits of other people’s labor shuffling it to them. Unfortunately, these types of citizens do not realize what socialism is or what has to be relinquished to attain a socialist government.

Corbin Trent, the mouthpiece of this “movement” for now, stated, “When you keep beating your head against the wall, once you finally hear a crack you finally feel better about doing it. Just from watching our email and donations coming in to Ocasio and our Democrats across the board, this is an invigorating movement.”

According to Trent, winning the Bronx on their platform was quite a bit different than winning the rest of the people in districts across the land. He described the district Ocasio-Cortez won as the “most racially diverse and liberal districts” in the country. But, he maintains it was not just the Latino vote that carried her to the win.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

“When people see the autopsy of the results, they’ll see it wasn’t just Latinos,” he said. “The primary electorate doesn’t match the demographics overall, period.”

Asked whether he thinks the result could be replicated elsewhere, he was confident their platform would be received well by Democrats across the country and said it would be put to the test soon.

“To really test your question whether this platform can work in a less diverse district, the two candidates to watch will be Brent Welder and James Thompson, who are running in Kansas on a very similar platform,” he said. “That’s where our resources will be headed next.”

Other Democratic races that will get immediate attention are upcoming House primaries in Missouri and Hawaii, and the gubernatorial primary in Rhode Island.

Trent stated the Democratic Party is “‘100 % to blame for the Trump presidency'” and vows his group is about to change it. In his opinion, the Democrat Party should change its focus and priorities, which he is committed to doing. As an indication of Trent’s prediction, several top Democrat Party members have embraced some of Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist platform, in particular, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

Interesting that Trent cited Ocasio-Cortez’s sweep of the “Latino” vote. When one is talking about individuals immigrating to the united States, it should be remembered that it takes about 2 to 3 generations to move from supporting the socialist/communist form of government, the type of government where many US immigrants (legal and illegal alien invaders) have lived under, to supporting the Constitutional Republic and its rule of law. With the support for continued illegal alien invasion and unfettered legal immigration, Democrats, particularly these “Justice Democrats,” are looking to sweep elections using the same platform these “immigrants” know in order to win control of government at all levels, while counting on indoctrinated millennials and low-information, low-intellect citizens to vote for their platform of “freebies” that end up costing more than money.

Millennials and the low-information, low-intellect voters have zero clue what socialism/communism truly is. Ileana Johnson, author and writer at Freedom Outpost, knows the harsh reality of socialism/communism and it isn’t what these ignorant millennials and low-information, low-intellect voters think it is. These “useful idiots” have embraced a system based upon the lies they have been told. The only equalities the average individual gets in socialism/communism are misery, poverty, starvation, and ultimate control over life. No more property ownership or personal possessions by individuals; the government owns all. And, one can be jailed for having a possession the government did not know one had. Read Ms. Johnson’s articles because she has firsthand experience under the rule of socialism/communism. Too bad brainwashed millennials and low-information, low-intellect voters will never accept her truth.

So, with that in mind, Democrat Party members, along with Republicans, have a lot of thinking to do as well as hard decisions to make.

For some Democrat Party members, many of whom have started the viral #WalkAway movement, the decision is clear. Because of the radical change seen in the party and the lack of inclusiveness of those who are not fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists, these individuals chose to leave the Democrat Party instead of foster the radical ideology, which involves intolerance, hate, racism, bigotry and violence. However, many have not made that choice and may never. Their devotion to “party” over “republic” is akin to the devotion to Hitler over rationality.

Democrat Party politicians have a long thought process ahead and the decision these individuals make will either change the party to one of socialism/communism across the board or snuff out the fringe element and return to their more moderate platform. The internal storm is brewing in the Democrat Party. And, citizen Democrats will need to push back against the fringe extreme anti-constitutional ideology if they seek to maintain s freedom and liberty.

The Republican Party is not immune from having to change either. Republican politicians are going to have to think long and hard about their response to this; then, make a decision on whether to continue as a Democrat Party doormat or stand and fight against ideology in opposition to our Constitutional Republic. This is the moment where the rubber meets the road.

The Republican politicians, as well as party leaders/members, will need to decide whether to actually support the Constitution, instead of giving lip service, or sell out their base to the “Justice Democrats” and their socialist/communist ideology. Republican politicians will need to grow a spine, huge cajones, and an unwavering support for the rule of law and the Constitution to fend off the rapidly encroaching wave of socialist/communist sentiment brewing amongst the fringe extreme anti-constitutional Democrats. Capitulation by Republicans to any of these “Justice Democrat” policies will signal the rapid end of this republic. No longer can the Republican Party be the opposite side of the same coin or the opposite cheek of the same backside as the Democrat Party because an insidious element is brewing to take over that party.

Likewise, citizens, who are members of the Republican Party and claim to be conservative, Christian and constitutionalists, will need to re-evaluate their position on many issues they support that align with the platform of “Justice Democrats.” No longer can citizens, who describe themselves as indicated above, support “choice”, support any measure falling outside the Constitution as a “compromise”, support the military industrial congressional complex, support the scientific-industrial congressional complex, support the police state under the guise of “security”, support unconstitutional spying and searches visited upon innocent citizens, support any type of “immigration reform” that rewards illegal alien invaders, including those brought here illegally as children, support the “dog and pony” show that has become both chambers of Congress, and a host of other issues upon which the base has been asked to compromise or relinquish.

If there ever was a time for a new party to rise up outside the Republican and Democrat monopoly of the political system, the time is now as many citizens are leaving the Democrat Party, but cannot see clear to support the GOP. The move to transform the Democrat Party to one of socialism/communism ideology is in full swing. Granted, it may only attract the fringe anti-constitutional element, millennials and the low-information, low-intellect voters, along with the globalist billionaire donor base; however, it does not attract the average Democrat citizen. The betrayal of the voter base by Republican politicians has many contemplating their association with the GOP as well. And, with both parties having a monopoly on the choice of candidates citizens cast votes, the current system is so rigged with corruption many citizens refuse to participate in a system considered “broken.”

The “Justice Democrats” are not the majority; neither is their support base. But, with establishment Democrats vying for votes from the JD candidates, they are looking to grab that significant portion of citizens in order to secure their positions, meaning additional citizens will sever their connections with the Democrat party. “Justice Democrats” learned from the “Tea Party Movement”. Establishment Republicans co-opted that movement to secure their positions and control. “Justice Democrats” are planning a take-over, pushing out establishment Democrats or co-opting those politicians and members into their fold.

Don’t think Republican politicians will adhere to their same platform as this is occurring. To secure voters away from establishment Democrats and “Justice Democrats,” the party will begin to veer more off course than it is now, embracing many of those same JD platforms. The GOP has a history of knee-jerk responses. By now, everyone should know why.

Disillusioned Democrats, disillusioned, dissatisfied Republicans, Independents, and others will not have a viable choice should JD succeed or become increasingly relevant. What will become important are those individuals mentioned above and those who hold to the Constitution, freedom and liberty, the rule of law, and our American culture becoming a formidable force in the rise of a new party to challenge socialism/communism. If not, the choice will be JD socialism/communism or Republican socialism/communism. Either way, the republic will devolve into socialism/communism with open borders, elevated crime, a Gestapo/KGB police presence, equality of all in misery, starvation, poverty, and lack of control over every aspect of life.

Sound far-fetched? Well, when was the last time Republicans kept their campaign promises or adhered to their party platform? When was the last time Republicans stood against Democrats, instead of capitulating? When was the last time citizens did not have a choice of the “lesser of two evils” in an election? Donald Trump is only one man who is standing against the establishment, along with his base. He is not a constitutionalist nor is he an anti-constitutionalist – he is a new hybrid of politician using the Republican Party designation. Republicans in both chambers work to undermine him and conspire with elected Democrats to impeach him, with both parties drooling over the Mueller investigation – albeit with Republicans drooling in private.

The winds of change are a-comin’. Difficult decisions are ahead for citizens and the political parties alike. The question is what will win – freedom, liberty and the Constitution or socialism/communism? No longer can citizens and politicians sit on the fence or flip-flop back and forth. It’s time to see some proof in the pudding.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

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