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When Trump Moves to D.C. and Congress Moves Out

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Many of my fellow Christians in the ‘NeverTrump’ camp remind me of the sore loser in grammar school, petulantly waiting for another game to begin, rather than taking part in the action at hand.

Samantha Strayer wrote, in The Federalist, wrote:

Trump has repeatedly shown that he is willing to say and do things that break with Republican Party talking points and conventional wisdom. Mind you, since GOP politics-as-usual has resulted in more abortions, more unassimilated immigrants, and more government encroachment on our freedoms, Trump’s insubordination is well…just frickin’ awesome.

Trump is not a GOP apologist: he does not defend Republican policy failures or consider sacrosanct Republican-led wars. He fiercely and mercilessly goes after his opponents regardless of political affiliation. That he talks about the need to fix crumbling infrastructure, unblinkingly criticizes both Bush presidencies, and refuses to lick the boots of the party’s favorites suggests this is a man willing to take on anyone or anything that harms Americans. What a novel concept!

This is extremely freeing in so many ways. When Trump focuses on the radical concept of national interest (trigger warning: “America first!”), he has given us the opportunity to discuss options more fully and to effect real policy change. Moreover, the pro-America principles governing Trump’s political outlook are, by definition, not based on race, class, or anything that plays into the ongoing fracturing of the nation into controllable segments of the population. A nation’s foreign policy correlates directly to the treatment of its own citizens, and vice versa. Trump’s April 27 foreign policy speech at the Center for National Interest is a prime example of not only how he views our allies, enemies, and rivals, but also — and more important — how he views Americans.

Then there are those who still obsess over the death of Justice Scalia and the possible liberal picks of a President Trump. I should think that Mr. Trump having publicly presented his short list of U.S. Supreme Court nominees would have settled that matter. The list was judges Don Willett (TX), Steven Colloton (IA), Allison Eid (CO), Raymond Gruender (MO), Thomas Hardiman (PA), Raymond Kethledge (MI), Joan Larsen (MI), Thomas Lee (UT), William Pryor (AL), David Stras (MN), and Diane Sykes (WI) – a Heritage Foundation ‘dream team’ of constitutional conservatism.

I would also remind you judicial junkies that in Article III, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution, We The People authorize Congress to put any “Exceptions…and… Regulations” on the SCOTUS that Congress may desire. Thus, by our stipulation, Congress – not presidents! – has ultimate rule over activist courts. And as the opening phrase makes clear, We The People have ultimate power over Congress.

AmericaAgain! is growing in 110 communities today. We are planning our first national action, called ‘Ratify 28’, beginning with a simultaneous public proclamation on the steps of all 50 state capitols at the same hour of the same day. We The People have awoken, and we will now stop D.C. organized crime. I believe Donald Trump will win by a landslide this November. He will also sign the most revolutionary law in the history of popular sovereignty – our proposed Bring Congress Home Act.

With Donald Trump in Washington D.C. and Congress forever removed from that corrupt, idolatrous city-state – America’s best days can be ahead for us, by the grace of God.

However angry or cynical you may be about Trump, Hillary, Bernie, illegal aliens, ISIS, Obama’s pedophiles in school bathrooms, or anything else – if you haven’t joined AmericaAgain!, you are still part of the problem. Stop thinking that mouse clicks are the extent of your public duty. Join us. Visit our interim website (new interactive site coming in late July), watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, join our Sunday evening conference calls, start a small group in your community. By the time a President Trump enters the White House, We The People can build a freight train of popular sovereignty for the whole world to witness.

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