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After Trump Praises UN for “Great Potential,” UNWHO Names Genocidal Robert Mugabe As Goodwill Ambassador

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Just days after Trump “tripped over the bathroom rug” praising the United Nations for its “great potential,” the World Health Organization (WHO), a UN agency, named Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe a “Goodwill Ambassador.”

The appointment of Mugabe, the tyrant of Zimbabwe, comes one month after the despot declared that “killers of white farmers in his country would never be prosecuted.”  According to the BBC reports, Mugabe, 93, will be nominally be tasked with helping “tackle” non-communicable diseases.

What else can one expect from this “world government” wannabe when the majority of member nations are non-democracies?

It is another reason to support dismantling this abomination.   But, how and why did Mugabe get this position?

According to Breitbart:

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — an Ethiopian national and the agency’s first African leader — told a conference in Uruguay that he was “honoured to be joined by President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, a country that places universal health coverage and health promotion at the centre of its policies to provide healthcare to all.”

The global bureaucrat’s glowing praise drew scorn from Human Rights Watch, with chief executive Kenneth Roth pointing out that “Mugabe’s corruption [and] his utter mismanagement of the economy has devastated health services” in Zimbabwe.

“Indeed, you know, Mugabe himself travels abroad for his health care. He’s been to Singapore three times this year already.”

Margot Parker MEP, UKIP Deputy Leader and International Development spokesman, spoke out to criticise the appointment Saturday morning, telling Breitbart London: “This is an appalling choice. Mugabe destroyed his own health services, and his human rights record is abysmal.

“The UN and its agencies make a mockery of their charter — We should put as much pressure to bear upon the UN over these decisions as possible, both diplomatic and, if necessary, financial.”

Only at the United Nations would the WHO chief name a man goodwill ambassador who said, “Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted.  We will never prosecute those who killed them.  I ask, why should we arrest them?”

If Mugabe is a UN-appointed ambassador of goodwill according to the WHO chief, what designation this body would give Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot or Kim Jung Un?

Ms. Parker is correct to say “free” nations should pressure the UN about this decision.  But, nothing will change with the UN.

Even if its financial support were terminated, the Secretary-General would engage in a “sorry pity party political parlay” that world leaders would open up their public coffers to reinstate the organization’s funding.

Mr. Trump designated the organization as one with “great potential” while its chief Antonio Guterres called for a “strong” America in an ironic statement when the body has done everything to weaken our republic.

After that hollow irony, one of the UN agencies has selected “a genocidal, homicidal, nation-collapsing, Marxist tyrant” as a “goodwill ambassador.”

How can one equate despotism and tyranny with goodwill?

And, how can the organization be praised for having “great potential” when it has accomplished nothing, has never followed its own charter, leeches funds from other nations – 80% from the united States, accepts egregious human rights violations from member nations, attempts to undermine national sovereignty of nations, and through its refugee resettlement program, tries to balkanize all other nations and plummet western world nations into insolvency and chaos.

If this recent action by a UN agency isn’t enough to warrant dismantling of the UN, then what will it take?

At the very least, the united States should withdraw from the UN, cease providing the parasitic agency with funds, and kick the entire body out of our republic because of this latest UN approval of a genocidal, murderous tyrant as an ambassador of goodwill.

Anything less is the endorsement of despots, tyrants and human rights violators by a free republic.  Now that is irony.

UPDATE:  As of this morning, 10/23/17, the chief of WHO has reversed his decision to name Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador due to the backlash received from health and human rights advocates, according to CNSnews.com. UN watch welcomed the reversal but has called for an independent inquiry into the entire matter claiming there had to be more to the story.

Despite the chief of WHO’s reversal, the appointment of a man like Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador after Mugabe devastated his own country’s health care and perpetrated genocide against his own countrymen shows a profound support of despots and tyrants over freedom, liberty and human rights for all individuals.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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