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Trump Supporters Plan to Bring “Fake News” Outlet CNN to its Knees (Video)

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In the article below by Amy Moreno from TruthFeed.com, Amy proposes an idea I previously suggested in a post titled, Notice to Mainstream Media: Don’t Get Comfortable, You’re Next! In that post, I suggested that if the mainstream media doesn’t demonstrate very quickly that it learned a lesson on election night, it might be time for We the People to seriously consider completely boycotting one mainstream media outlet at a time, as well as any company known to advertise on that outlet, until we are able to inflict serious financial damage. Then, if other networks haven’t gotten the hint, we put them in our sights.

Viewership is already so low on channels like CNN, a serious boycott would cause major financial hardship, perhaps even sinking the network if done for a prolonged enough period of time. Lack of viewers will cause their advertising revenue to dry up, and then the squeeze will be tight on an already struggling “news” network.

In the video below, I encourage people to spread this post to everyone you know, because here and now, the lies must stop. Here and now, the corruption must stop. Here and now, those encouraging acts of domestic terror, by imbeciles posing as “demonstrators” must stop. It’s time we take this country back fully, and it’s time for the adults to run things for a while.

As you’ll learn in Amy’s article and the video below, the official start date for boycotting CNN, and many of its largest sponsors listed below, is set to “officially” begin a few days from now, on November 20th, but feel free to start early!

Use hashtag #BlackoutCNN, and use it often.

Amy Moreno writes:

We have a dishonest North Korea-style, government-run, propaganda media that exists to be the far left-wing of the globalist movement.

They are a methodical machine that pumps out a constant stream of ideological garbage disguised as “unbiased” news.

One of the biggest offenders is CNN.

Not only are they an agenda-driven shill machine, but thanks to Wikileaks we also know that they’re colluding with the DNC and Democrat candidates.

They’re a shameless FRAUD.

And these idiots have the audacity to report on, and be “outraged” by so-called “fake news,” and went so far as to attack Truthfeed – claiming we are liars who helped “influence” the election outcome.

Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo stood before the American people and told them it was ILLEGAL to read Wikileaks and hacks Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper ran to the DNC asking for “advice” every chance they got.

CNN’s ratings are in the toilet, but it’s time to FLUSH them once and for all.

Trump supporters are starting anther boycott – this time, let’s finish them.

Use hashtag #BlackoutCNN

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand