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Trump/Clinton After Round One: “Who’s Fit to Run the World?”

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Who do you think won the debates? What were the most important moments?

It seems that both candidates are taking shape in a different way than they’ve been seen thus far on the stump. Many are arguing that the night was won by Hillary, who put on display her strongest performance so far in the race. Trump seemed all-too-aware of the his perception, and played a different tack that was not his best moment.

Perhaps, one gets the sense that the we are witnessing two people eager for power and ready to use their new access to fancy toys and dangerous weapons in order to get their way.

Of course, their approaches to power are totally different, and it remains unclear how Trump would use that power on the world stage, and it remains equally unclear how the power of the establishment could be stripped of its power over the status quo empire that is holding Americans back.

Here’s RT’s summary of the debates:

Who has the best temperament for having their finger on the nuclear button? Whose judgment will get the US out of its financial woes? Here are the first presidential debate’s top moments that made Americans laugh, cry or book their next flight to Canada.

As much as watching Hillary slip up has proven to be epic on the 2016 campaign trail, she is creepiest when shows up perfectly wound and ready to strike out. She was calculated and heavily rehearsed. Obviously, she listened to the ‘Come to Jesus’ speech and bucked up for the win. Yes, I will be the first female American president…

Trump, on the other hand, seemed over coached on why he must talk down, play nice and stick to the talking points. He held onto this approach, even as Lester Holt and Hillary had him on the defensive nearly the entire time. The Trump who won over Republican voters cared nothing about playing by the rules, and thrived on taking down his competitors like only a billionaire CEO can.

Trump is in a blood sport with Hillary. She played up a polished and professional side during Round One. There is speculation that she used an earpiece, and a silent voice feeding her punchy responses and ready-checked campaign “facts,” but either way, the Clinton team stops at nothing to win, and they showed it here.

Ironically, it came just weeks after Hillary punked the nation and ‘played dead/weak-and-near-death’ just to come back as the undisputed heavy weight of below the belt politics. Trump is learning the rules of the Matrix, but Hillary designed the system. She can move faster, break all the rules, and even antagonize her opponents, all without taking damage. Oh yeah, and she created Trump, too.

She owns the game, and stopping her rise to full power is only possible through decoding riddles, paradoxes and gamed outcomes.

Don’t count her out no matter what the polls say, or how few people you meet who are supporting her.

Here are ABC’s highlights:

But there’s also the part of the debate that centered around Trump’s advocacy for unconstitutional stop & frisk police stops. Hillary Clinton actually talked a more constitutional game than the populist favorite. Sure, it was just rhetoric, but… just very troubling for the type of culture that is setting in. Very police state.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Debate:
Race, Stop And Frisk FULL SEGMENT 9/26/16

There are very different directions this country could go. But both with bring some type of war with ISIS, and confrontation with Iran. Civil war between police and inter-cities will continue under both presidents. Both candidates expressed support for the “No Fly, No Buy” list that is based up a very flawed terrorist profiling list.

Jobs and the American middle class has been Trump’s strongest card during the entire campaign, and now Hillary is mimicking his talking points and also offering working people a better day.

Fear, terror and censorship are all by-products of a system that has tossed out civil liberties in favor of greater control and lots and lots of data (yet security camera footage missing when it counts the most).

Both candidates are investing in and being advised by the wrong kinds of power.

Which way will the polls go between now and November?

Which way will the country go after the election?

Let the games begin!

Article reposted with permission from SHTF Plan

The Washington Standard

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