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What is the Truth about the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?

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Everyone likes a juicy story. Especially when the story has to do with the secret lives of the rich and powerful. This is one of the reasons that so much has been made of the supposed affairs of Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

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It is funny how people want it to be true. Not that they disagree with Cruz, or wish ill for him. No, the problem is for some reason we get joy out of seeing the mighty fall. Maybe it is because of jealousy. Perhaps, we want to feel that these people are human and have failings like us. But many fail to ask where is the evidence?

The Washington Standard has been a voice of reason:

So, until there is verifiable evidence of adultery on the part of Ted Cruz, this issue should be considered a non-issue. Though I don’t support either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump (in fact, I don’t trust either of them), the fact of the matter is that we know Donald Trump has engaged in multiple adulteries and fornications in the past. We don’t know that for sure about Senator Cruz. Should evidence come forward that the allegations are true, it will only be another reason why I don’t support Mr. Cruz in the race for the White House. However, let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt since all there have been is allegations, not evidence. I’ll be the first to call him out should I get evidence.

Now, there seems to be some insight concerning the Enquirer and their tactics. Though they have been on target with many such scandals, they have also played things a little loose.

Fox reports:

But the Cruz piece is an example of a classic Enquirer tactic: sometimes putting out a half-baked story in hopes that sources will come out of the woodwork, attracted by the lure of a big payday, and confirm the sleazy details. The piece quoted unnamed “snitches,” spoke of “rumors” and said, “private investigators” were looking into these rumors without identifying who they worked for.

It may be too early to string Mr. Cruz up as a serial cheat, so let’s take the Standard’s advice and wait for real evidence before we condemn the man. How foolish will we all feel if we find that this was not true?

Reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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