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Two Party Paradigm Physically Manifests as FOX News and Huff Post Literally Brawl at D.C. Party

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

Though by now, almost no one in the country trusts corporate media or the political system it’s essentially paid to promote, both came together in a fabulously tabloidesque brawl — at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Try as you might, you cannot make such laughably ironic content up.

At an afterparty located — again, for emphasis’ sake — at the Institute for Peace following the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters and Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim literally came to blows. The two party paradigm had physically manifested itself into an embarrassing left versus right drunken melee.

“Grim and Watters were among a group located in a heated tent just outside the main party area,” the Washington Post reported from witness accounts. “The two apparently don’t have a personal relationship, but Grim realized who Watters was and recalled a beef he had with the ‘O’Reilly Factor’ correspondent that dated back to 2009, when Watters, known as an ‘ambush journalist,’ had engineered an on-camera confrontation of writer Amanda Terkel, now a HuffPo colleague of Grim. Terkel’s account of the incident was headlined ‘I Was Followed, Harassed, And Ambushed By Bill O’Reilly’s Producer.”

Grim, apparently feeling bold and unable to let the past go, decided to attempt a little ambush journalism of the ambush journalist, and began filming Watters using his phone.

Watters, apparently unable to take the sort of ambush he relies on to make a living, eventually snatched Grim’s phone — pocketing the device for good measure. When Grim tried to retrieve his phone from Watters’ pocket, a minor brawl ensued.

“Punches were definitely thrown,” said an unnamed witness cited by the Post.

Though a table was reportedly turned over amid the short scuffle, Republican National Committee communications director, Sean Spicer, managed to separate the two before any serious damage could occur.

“Just trying to keep the peace,” Spicer explained.

This fracas and its all-too-inappropriate venue — though certainly comical to hear about from the outside — stand as perfect representations of the current election season, if not politics in general.

Grudge-fueled ambivalence between Republicans and Democrats has led to a bitter stasis, which is now exploding in protests, both violent and not, as two sides of the same coin battle it out for America’s attention — all while trying to convince us the feud is somehow valiant and valid.

But this contrived effort to appear noble quickly falls apart when the manipulation behind the scenes is laid bare in all its fraudulent shame, as election deceit has been this year.

Grim’s holding a seven-year grudge over a situation he had no part in against a journalist who relies on pop-culture tactics for popularity seems no less a tired theater of the absurd.

In April, a report revealed just 6 percent of people in the United States trust the mainstream media. And for good reason, as over 90 percent of media outlets in the country are owned by just six corporations, often with very distinct ties to Washington D.C. politicians.

This perfectly illustrates negative and/or virtually nonexistent coverage of anti-establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders — and why the convergence of the lack of trust in both media and the election process has become a perfect storm this year.

As the government prepares for large-scale rioting, which it seems to predict will happen after the November elections, awareness of corporate media’s propaganda and the farce of an electoral process are crucial.

And why an altercation between reporters for right-leaning Fox News and left-slanted HuffPo appears significantly scandalous only in its impotency.

In the end, those who have turned to alternative and independent media in droves over the last few years can certainly appreciate the humor in a Fox News versus HuffPo fistfight at a location devoted to peace — in all its tabloidesque glory.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/journalists-brawl/#mf0yqdePB0Oc5Clz.99

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