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Unhinged Congressman Gutierrez Basely Rants: “We Can Now Say With 100% Confidence That The President Is A Racist”

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How many caucuses exist in Congress?  Let us count:  House Freedom Caucus, House Black Caucus, House Hispanic/Latin Caucus, Democrat Communist Caucus, etc.

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If there is any one member of any caucus that really is worthy of disdain, it is the Democrat from Illinois, Representative Luis Gutierrez.


This is the man who said it was his job to represent illegal alien invaders (non-citizens who by law cannot vote) and declared the most outrageous claim against President Donald Trump, ever.

Breitbart News posted:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) claimed on Friday evening that the government shutdown is about the “first racist president of the United States of America” wanting to end legal immigration.

In a fiery speech at a MoveOn rally outside the Capitol on Friday evening, Gutierrez accused President Donald Trump of exposing himself as a racist with his “shithole” countries remarks. And though Trump reportedly made those remarks in regards to the visa lottery system and said he would welcome more immigrants from Asian countries, Gutierrez said the government shutdown was not about Trump’s border wall but about “ending legal immigration in America.”

“It’s really about the color of your skin and the country you come from,” Gutierrez said, adding that he was fighting to keep “pathways to America clear” for various people of color.

Poor Luis;  he is a few years shy of a decade missing the very “first” racist president.  Evidently, Luis slept through the Hussein Soetoro years or his memory is shot from too much blood flow to the head because of his “hostile rants.”  Moreover, Luis, like everyone else on the anti-constitutional side, cannot get past the alleged :s***hole” description of some countries on Earth.

With what is happening in Venezuela, one could call it a s***hole country.  The same goes for countries such as Libya, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Somalia, and places such as Detroit, Michigan, sections of Paris, London, Berlin, as well as various cities in Sweden.  Believe it or not, being a s***hole country or place has nothing to do with race and everything to do with policy, corruption, crime, unemployment, gang activity, high Muslim population, terrorism at the hands of Muslims, and lack of basic necessities such as food.  But, I digress.

Poor Luis!  He is intent on blaming the federal government shutdown, which in reality roughly 85% of government remains functioning, on President Trump because he claims “Trump’s border wall … about ‘ending legal immigration in America’.” Luis went on to say being allowed into the united States is dependent on the color of one’s skin and the country one from which one came.  Someone send Luis the memo that the illegal alien invasion is still occurring and many are being escorted to towns across this republic by government officials at taxpayer expense.

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Breitbart continued:

Gutierrez also accused Republicans of taking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients hostage and said he would go after the GOP kidnappers after Democrats eventually pay whatever ransom they have to pay.

“Clearly, after the ransom is paid and the hostages are freed, we’re going after the kidnappers in November and running them out of office,’ Gutierrez said.

Earlier in the week, Gutierrez said that Trump could lead the KKK and said he was “100%” sure that Trump is a racist.

“We always knew that President Trump doesn’t like people from certain countries or people or certain colors. We can now say with 100% confidence that the President is a racist,” Gutierrez said in a statement.

Are the people of Illinois who reside in his district asleep, snoring, and plugged in to the Matrix?  Clearly, Luis doesn’t represent the people of his district when he places non-citizens over those who are that elected him.

Pitiful Luis!  No one is holding anyone hostage – come on to reality.  This man is a disgrace to Congress – and that’s saying a lot considering what is in Congress these days.  Illegal alien invaders are non-citizens who violated immigration law and should be held accountable, including those under DACA who knew their illegal status but refrained from taking any action by choice once adulthood was obtained to change their status.

Instead, these true freeloaders want to “pass go and collect $200” without lifting one finger, demanding this republic acquiesce to their “demands” when they have no legal standing to be here or demand anything.

If they arrived as children, these impunity-seeking spoiled brats have had ample time and opportunity once attaining the age of 18 to go to the nearest immigration office.  Instead, they want a special privilege to avoid the consequences of their inaction once 18.

If he is so sure that Trump is a racist – and that positivity is 100%, by all means, provide to the public the evidence minus the s***hole remark.  In truth, Luis, you are probably the racist since you really focus on skin color and countries of origin.  Insecure because of your stature, Luis?

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According to Breitbart News:

Gutierrez, who may want to be the country’s most prominent Latino leader, is leaving Congress after this term and has said he will travel across the country to explore a potential presidential run in 2020 while “creating a new fierce framework for immigrant rights across this country.”

Gutierrez speaks the language of the Resistance, and as Breitbart News pointed out, should Gutierrez decide to to run for president, “his over-the-top and vicious anti-Trump rhetoric, left-wing authenticity, and propensity to say outrageous statements without a filter would guarantee him plenty of press and headlines and consideration from the ‘Resistance wing.’”

Loony Luis!  He is totally “off the chain.”  The man cannot even recognize that rights come from God and are unalienable;  and, men create government to protect those rights.  While illegal alien invaders do have rights the same as any individual created by God, there is nothing about how this republic functions that denies basic human rights to anyone.  However, because these individuals are criminals, here criminally, they have zero “right” or privilege to interfere in our political process, period, end of story.  If anyone breaks the law, that individual should be held accountable according to the law.  One does not get a “gold star” or a “welcome kit” and other rewards for violation of the law and/or criminal activity.

While Tony Lee at Breitbart may think Gutierrez “speaks the language of the Resistance,” there are many that wonder exactly what that is.

Is it resistance to personal accountability, having to follow the rule of law, actual reality, what?

If anything, Luis is an ultra-mega, progressive, liberal ideologue.

Give him six months in office and he will support the marriage of someone to their dog or a doll or a car.  Borders would be wide open, negating the need for any border patrol.  Immigration policy and law would be nil meaning the united States would turn into Motel 6 where they always “leave the light on for you.”

Whatever this “Resistance Wing” is or turns out to be, Luis needs to remember there is opposition.  Americans will only back up so far, then we come out;  and, when we come out, it is explosive.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

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