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US Border Agents Asked to Leave Southern Border, Go to Poland for ‘Operation Ukraine Support’

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Biden’s America-last administration does it again. The Southern border of the United States is in unimaginable crisis. Border agents set a new record for arrests of people trying to enter the country illegally from Mexico: 1.9 million in 2021. And 402,000 of those were released within the United States, with asylum hearings scheduled, for which some will never show up. Biden has vilified and lied about border officials; they’re clearly just obstacles in the way of his project to bring as many migrants into the country as possible, make sure they vote for the party that keeps their benefits flowing, and thereby secure the Democratic Party’s hegemony for decades to come. Now Biden’s handlers have come up with a new idea for how border agents can keep occupied: they want to send them to Eastern Europe for “Operation Ukraine Support.”

JusttheNews.com reported Thursday that “for the second time in a year, the Biden administration is seeking to divert Customs and Border Protection officers from the southern border crisis to an overseas conflict, this time to help process people fleeing the Russian assault on Ukraine.”

Priorities, priorities. What should be the primary focus of a president of the United States: protecting his own nation by securing its borders and maintaining a strict vetting process for immigrants, who will be expected to adopt American values? Or sending border patrol agents half a world away to help keep track of the refugees created by Vladimir Putin’s actions against Ukraine, a conflict in which there is no genuine national interest for the United States?

Old Joe Biden and his handlers know the answer. His Ukraine-First, Europe First, Anybody-But-Us-First administration rejected Donald Trump’s America-First perspective as soon as it took office. So why shouldn’t Biden’s handlers send border agents to Poland? It isn’t as if they want those agents to be doing anything here.

The memo asking for volunteers for Operation Ukraine Support was sent Thursday morning from the Customs and Border Patrol’s office of field operations. JusttheNews.com pointed out that “the request comes six months after a similar effort to process Afghan refugees after the bungled U.S. exit from that country. That operation was sharply criticized Friday by the Pentagon inspector general for poor Defense Department vetting that allowed 50 Afghans posing serious security risks to enter the United States.”

Biden’s handlers, however, never learn from their mistakes. They’re far too ideologically committed to their way of doing things to be able to do that. The memo read: “The Office of Field Operations is seeking volunteers to assist with the possible evacuation of U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and their immediate family members from Ukraine. Eligible employees who volunteer for this situation may be selected to serve a temporary duty assignment in Poland to facilitate travelers for entry into the U.S., to include providing guidance and problems resolution to other government agencies.”

It would seem that there would be a great many people who could do this kind of work, and thus not necessary to pull border agents away from the Southern border crisis to do it. Washington, D.C. is bursting at the seams with bureaucrats with comfortable sinecures and plenty of time on their hands. They might jump at the chance to spend the spring in lovely Rzeszow, examining the papers of the poor and desperate fleeing from Ukraine. Or they might not, but nonetheless, there are no doubt hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Energy and other bloated bureaucratic boondoggles who would be giving much better value for the taxpayer money they receive stamping forms in Krakow than sitting behind a desk pushing wokeness in Washington.

All this is, understandably, being done in a hurry. The memo, according to Justthenews.com, “said volunteers need to be ready to deploy ‘within 2-3 days’ of selection and should plan for about a month’s work overseas.” And don’t worry, the really important matters are being taken care of: “It also offered a plan for COVID-19 mitigation that said workers need to either have the vaccine or natural immunity from a recent infection. As a mission necessity and to avoid post-arrival quarantine, volunteers must be able to provide a negative PCR test taken within 24 hours of arrival and meet one of the following conditions: fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccination” or “recovered from COVID-19 within six months prior to arrival.” But of course! Putin is coming, but let’s not lose sight of our priorities!

The memo added: “Once deployed employees are expected to perform all assigned duties and may be required to work irregular shifts and schedules, up to seven days per week including holidays and weekends.” All this is indeed highly irregular, so why not? As America continues to be inundated with migrants, among whom is an unknowable number of criminals and terrorists, we can at least console ourselves with the knowledge that our government, at our expense, is taking care of processing Ukrainian refugees. In this America-Last administration, it’s only fair.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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