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Vaccines: Punishing Americans For Their Sins With Their Sins

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The media has been going on and on about how wonderful it is that the vaccine for COVID-19 is now ready to save lives. So they claim. As Christians, we need to look at the moral issues of vaccines. I read an article about how several COVID-19 vaccines are made using fetal cells. The article came from Dr. Joseph Mercola and did a great job of explaining the use of murdered babies in the vaccine process.

Also, in the article, it explained there are dangers to people’s health using murdered babies in vaccines. This got me thinking about how it is such an abomination to God for Christians to take vaccines. God hates the murder of innocent life. You cannot get more innocent than a baby, and yet, they murder babies just because our government refuses to enforce the law. I have written in detail how it is a sham for our government to claim they can legalize murder. You can check those articles for that information. Here I am talking about how immoral vaccines are.

These people who claim to love God and are praying for God to help the people making vaccines need to think about what they are asking God to do. They are asking God to help people who are disobeying God by murdering babies to be successful at using those dead babies in the vaccines to benefit them. Yikes, how lost can they be? They are asking God to benefit them through murder, and they refuse to think it through and realize what they are asking God for.

Murdered babies are in such widespread use in vaccines, I just consider all vaccine use as a part of it. Abortion is the gangrene of healthcare. Either doctors will wise up and amputate it from the entire healthcare system, or it will kill healthcare as gangrene will kill a body that has it. As a Christian, I refuse to take vaccines.  Even if they were not dangerous, I would not take them. If they were perfectly safe, it would be a greater atrocity that I would receive a great benefit from the murder of another human, especially someone as innocent as a baby. If the vaccine hurts me, at least I get what I deserve.

The harm to people from the vaccine using murdered babies is like a God-assisted form of self-defense from the babies. Who knows, maybe if enough people get sick from vaccines with murdered babies in them, people will stop murdering babies. If they do not, we will deserve even more punishment from God. This COVID-19 panic and deception have been causing healthcare to self-destruct. Doctors and other healthcare professionals that allow the use of murdered babies in vaccines deserve to see the destruction of that system because it is no longer healthcare.  It is now murder for money. Many doctors claim to be Christians, however. just because you launder the money does not make it clean.

If you inject vaccines into your patients, you are part of the murder. You are just deceptive, as well as a participant in a murder. It does not matter what you do in that clinic, the money from a murder makes its way to you. It really is a disgrace what people will try and explain away, especially people who claim they love God.

In the Bible, we can read about when the priests would put false gods in the Temple and worship them where they were supposed to worship God. God got very angry. God had every right to be angry. The worship of some false gods, such as Moloch, involved child sacrifice. Those people murdered babies hoping to receive a benefit from it. Not much is different than now, except for one thing. I do not recall reading that the Moloch worshipers ate the babies in cannibalism. The people that participate in the vaccine cults sacrifice the babies and then put them in their bodies. Sadly, our country is even sicker than the Moloch worshipers.

We deserve God’s punishment. I would rather have a bullet shot into me than a vaccine made from murdered babies. At least when I stand before God I can say I was willing to do that. It would not surprise me if the vaccine cult brings God’s judgment down upon themselves. The push has been to give the vaccines to healthcare workers first. They are basically laying their heads down upon the chopping block and daring God to drop the ax.

If healthcare workers end up getting sick or dying from the vaccines that involved the use of babies murdered by abortion, it really will be their being punished for their sin by their sin.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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