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VIDEO — Cop Savagely Yanks Handcuffed Man’s Dreadlocks While Pummeling his Head — Over a Plant

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

Waterloo, IA — Prior to April of this year, 24-year-old Montavis Keller had never had a run-in with the police. However, thanks to the fact that police in America will kidnap, cage, and kill people over a plant, Keller can no longer make this claim. Because Keller ran from his captors who wanted to ruin his life over a plant, he was savagely beaten — and the one responsible for the beating will not be held accountable.

On April 19, Waterloo cops targeted Keller because he had a few dozen grams of a plant that is legal in some form in half of the country. Not wanting to be kidnaped or killed, however, Keller ran. Having to pursue a man for possessing a plant infuriated officers. And, after they caught him, one officer let out his frustration — on Keller’s head.

At the time of the beating, Keller was lying face down and in handcuffs. Officer Adam Wittmayer then proceeded to grab the man by his dreadlocks and smash his hand into his head. The incident was captured on video.

“God! F*cking moron. You’re a stupid motherf*cker, you know that?” Wittmayer yelled as he doled out his own version of street justice to a man who’d dare sell a plant to willing consumers.

Instead of being charged or fired for beating a non-violent handcuffed man, however, Wittmayer is still a cop.

According to FOX, a state prosecutor concluded in June that no criminal charges were warranted against Wittmayer because jurors would understand why he was mad.

“Based upon this fact and my review of the entire matter, the likelihood of a Black Hawk County jury convicting Officer Wittmayer is minimal if not completely non-existent,” Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown stated in a release.

According to the Grio, Keller’s lawyer Tom Frerichs, had a different opinion on the matter and has forwarded the video to the FBI for review, stating, “I can’t think of any other job in which an employee is allowed to repeatedly hit another person, pull out some of their hair and still keep their job.”

For running from armed men attempting to kidnap him for possessing a plant, and then getting beaten by those men, Keller has been charged with four felonies including attempting to assault a police officer, evading police as well as possession of 42.5 grams of marijuana with intent to deliver.

The state’s war on drugs lays waste to all those in its wake and Keller is just another victim.

Keller’s injustice is hardly isolated.

Last week, in Tampa, Florida, a life was taken by cops in this senseless war. This time, an unarmed man sitting in a bedroom with two grams of weed was murdered by state agents seeking out this plant.

A military-style raid took place at the home of Levonia Riggins, 22, by a SWAT team looking for “illegal narcotics.” Riggins was gunned down in his home because cops arrest people for cannabis.

Last year, Zachary Hammond was murdered in cold blood by a Seneca police officer who thought arresting people for marijuana made him a hero. Sgt. Tiller, the cop who killed Hammond, has yet to face a single charge.

The list goes on.


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