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Voodoo Science & Voodoo Courts

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Jesus Christ is the Truth. We are taught that in the Bible.  He declared that “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE…” and even though he was speaking in a spiritual sense the Truth of His words apply in the secular world as well.

Lie’s can never make a man free.  Oh, lies may make you FEEL free.  Or they can be justified in order to get you out of a sticky situation, but reality eventually teaches you that anything that was produced by falsehood will someday be exposed.  Jesus said, “There is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed.”  The chickens eventually come home to roost.

Well, the cock is beginning to crow over America and millions are awakening to a new dawn.  Is it the final dawn?  Is it God shaking the earth one last time?  How can America possibly remain free when we are ruled by lies?  That is the battle we face.  

What is Truth?  That was the piercing question Pilate asked Jesus just before he sentenced Him to death.  It is the same question we should be asking ourselves today.  Pilate was looking at the embodiment of Truth directly in the eyes and could not recognize it.  Secular prophet George Orwell suggested that “during times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” 

Yes, my friends, in today’s America, speaking the Truth has indeed become a revolutionary act. 

The Left does not care about the Truth.  To them, the end always justifies the means.  I expect them to lie.  It is what unscrupulous people do.  But something is seriously wrong when CHRISTIAN people are so easily deceived.  Is it any wonder that this once Christian nation is teetering on the brink as the purveyors of falsehoods are carrying the day?

We have been told another whopper that was just exposed this week.  For most of my voting life, I have been coached to vote for the “conservatives” if we are ever going to straighten this nation out.  This was especially true when the issue of supreme Court justices was thrown kicking and screaming on the table. 

This simply opened the door to a different set of opinions.  Opinions are often wrong.  Opinions are not always the Truth.  Opinions are not laws.  Opinions are like rectums…they often smell.

“Conservative judges are the key to turning this nation around.” (Lie)  “If the President appoints more conservative judges abortion will end.” (Lie)  “Abortion is the law of the land.” (Lie)  “Neil Gorsuch can be trusted.” (Lie)  “We must obey the Court’s decisions.” (Lie)  “A man can become a woman by cutting his penis off.” (Lie)  “Sexual deviancy is a class of people just like blacks.” (Lie)  “You have no right to hire or fire someone based on sexual deviancy.” (Lie)  “Homosexuals are born that way.” (Lie) 

Need I go on?  So much of what we are taught simply is not true.  No wonder we find ourselves living with a boot on our necks.

What should be the response of Christians to falsehoods?  Should we accept and obey them?  Should we promote them to our children?  Should we go quietly into that good night as Truth falls in the streets?  Why would the Church continue to support public schools?

America’s Godless education system has become the bastion of deceit. So much of what we permit to be taught to our children simply is not true.  From the origin of the species to the blind obedience to the over-reaching arm of government, lies and deception are the modus operandi.

Christians have permitted it.  Christian leaders have taught the damnable lie that Christians are to obey unholy edicts issued by unholy men.  Lying has become common place.  It has become an acceptable norm.  Christ’s church, His body, has been found missing in action in the battle for Truth.  America is being governed by unprincipled men who are swayed by Voodoo Science.

There is not one study in history that has proven that a man who “feels” like a woman is a woman.  Not one.  Feelings are not facts.  Feelings are not science. It is a creation of the mind by seriously deluded individuals who want to force the acceptance of their deviant behavior be codified by Voodoo legislation.  

Courts cannot make laws.  Period.  Why does the church bow the knee to such devious decisions?  Only Truth can counter lies.

My friend Pastor Matt Trewella wrote yesterday;

On Monday, June 15th, the supreme Court yet again wrote “law” from their bench to impose immorality and injustice upon America. They sided with base men who want their sexual perversion protected by government and imposed on every person and every institution in America.”

Will the Church ever stand and fight for Truth?  Will the Church ever muster the courage to speak the Truth?  Will the Church ever stop bending its knees to the liars who are hell-bent on destroying all semblance of the Truth?

America is rapidly descending into chaos.  Truth has fallen in the streets.  The American church won’t even help Truth get back on its feet.  The pulpits preach the Voodoo social gospel.

Voodoo makes use of a wealth of rituals and observations that affect followers’ day-to-day lives, making a straightforward list of observances impractical.”

With conservative “Justices” like John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch, sexual deviants are the least of America’s worries.  You expect idiocy from perverts.  You don’t expect learned men to validate deviancy by creating Voodoo based opinions.

Lies bring bondage.  Truth sets men free.  Voodoo science leads to voodoo government.  Thugs become our heroes.  Honest men cower in fear.

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.”  Psalm 12:8. 

Our courts are stacked with vile men.  Look around at who is controlling America.

Article by Dave Daubenmire

The Washington Standard

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