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WATCH: Innocent Man Mauled Nearly to Death As Cops Sic K9 on Him with No Warning

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Harris County, TX — Don’t do anything wrong, some say, and you won’t have to worry about the police hurting you. While this seems logical enough, in police state USA, nothing could be further from the truth. Tim Young, an innocent AC repairman, who was so badly injured by police siccing their K9 on him that he had a prolonged stay in ICU, is just one recent example that blows that notion out of the water.

On May 5, Tim and his dad Allen were repairing a customer’s air conditioner. They weren’t committing a crime, had never committed a crime, and, contrary to the apologist cliché, had done nothing wrong. However, that did nothing to stop the Harris County Sheriff’s Department from unleashing their deadly K9 on Tim.

The department claims they were looking for a suspected car thief and when they saw a man under a modular home, this was grounds enough to unleash the deadly K9.
“I didn’t hear [anything],” Young said. “I didn’t see [anything]. I just felt a real sharp pain and I look down and there is a dog.”

As Tim worked under the home, he was shocked suddenly when a K9 began attacking him. Being the strong weightlifter that he is, however, Tim was able to hold the dog’s mouth shut and protect himself. But, under coercive threats of violence from the deputies, Tim was forced to obey their commands to let the dog go. As soon as he did, the K9 tore into his flesh.

“As soon as I let go, the dog bit me,” Young said.

The video begins as the dog is dragging Young out from under the home by the flesh of his arm.

“It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen,” Tim’s father Allen Young said.

A dispute arises, however, as to whether or not police gave a warning prior to releasing the K9. Both Tim, his father, and a third witness, Don Lorenz, were all there and all claim to have heard nothing before police unleashed their attack dog.

“Nobody told us who they were,” Lorenz said. “We did not hear one word of warning.”

Police, however, claim they did issue a warning and thus were entirely justified in releasing their dog on an innocent person.

“I have to, at this point, believe the deputy did in their training what they thought was appropriate,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said of the incident. Despite apologizing, he is standing by his deputy’s decision to release a deadly animal on an innocent man.

“It’s an unfortunate incident,” Gonzalez said. “It’s difficult for anyone to be bit. I am sorry for that.”

“It could’ve been the suspect, it could’ve been kids, it could’ve been an air conditioning repairman. At that point, the handler had no idea,” ABC13 investigative reporter Ted Oberg asked.

“Correct,” Gonzalez said.

“No one ever asked, ‘are people working, are there children underneath there’,” Williams said. “Had it not been a 25-year-old weight-lifting, strong, healthy guy, it would’ve been a much different outcome.”

“I felt like I went from being a help to being a burden,” Gonzalez said.

“A police attack dog is a deadly weapon,” Williams said. “If you’re going to use a deadly weapon, you have to make sure you got the right guy.”

“They got the wrong guy.”

To add insult to injury, after their dog nearly tore Tim’s arm off, the cops refused to render any aid. Tim’s dad described through tears what happened after cops finally removed the dog from his son’s arm.

To illustrate the sheer callous nature of the deputies, the father was attempting to put a tourniquet on his son’s arm to stop the bleeding, but couldn’t get it tight enough. So, he asked for help.

“I asked him for help and I don’t know if he’s having a bad day, he just said, ‘Do it yourself,’” Allen said.

More than a minute passes before any of the deputies does anything to help the innocent man their dog just tore to shreds.

To highlight what a stand-up man Tim Young is, the family is not eager to sue — they are only asking for help with medical bills since Tim will be out of work for several months.

As he stayed in intensive care for days, while doctors replaced missing chunks of his artery, Tim, a very religious man, said he prayed. When asked who he prayed for by ABC 13, his response speaks volumes.

“I didn’t know what to pray about except for, it sounds kind of funny, but the officers,” Young said.

To those who think police siccing their K9s on innocent people is an isolated incident, think again.

Earlier this year, the Free Thought Project brought you the story of an 81-year-old grandma was hospitalized after she was attacked by a police K9 while cleaning her shed in her own backyard. Police are now claiming that they ‘acted appropriately’ when they unleashed their dog on this innocent woman.

In 2014, the Free Thought Project reported on yet another grandma who was mauled by a police K9. Irene Collins, however, was not as lucky as the two attack stories above as she was mauled to death.

It’s not just the elderly either. In 2015, we reported the story of an innocent father who was accused of being a robber. When cops saw him drive into a parking lot, without warning, they unleashed their K9 who jumped into the back seat of the man’s car and began mauling his infant daughter. 

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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