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WATCH: Reporters Stake Out Cop, Catch Him Breaking Countless Laws, Driving Like a Maniac

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Cookeville, TN – The same police officer who faced no charges after he crashed his patrol car into an elderly couple while driving nearly 30 mph over the speed limit, was hired at a new department and has been caught driving recklessly once again, despite a history of dangerous driving accidents.

Officer Christopher Ferguson was called out publicly after surveillance footage was released from a car crash in which he slammed his police cruiser into another car, sending the elderly couple occupying the vehicle flying out onto the street.

James Cryer, 69, and his wife Rena, 78, miraculously survived the gruesome incident. Yet even though Ferguson was driving at least 26 mph over the legal limit, he faced no charges. An investigation conducted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol placed the blame on both drivers—claiming that while Ferguson was exceeding the speed limit, Cryer also “failed to yield” to oncoming traffic.

Even with an investigator claiming that “If the officer had been driving the posted speed limit…the collision would have been avoided,” District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway told WSMV News that he had no regrets about declining to charge the officer.

“Both of them did things they shouldn’t have done, and both of them violated the law,” Dunaway said. “They violated the rules of the road.”

As The Free Thought Project reported in January, “Now, Ferguson is still on the job after his crash with Mr. and Mrs. Cryer, and because he received only a verbal reprimand from the department, there is a good chance that will he continue with the same behavior.”

More than 5 months later, that is exactly what has happened. Inside Edition teamed up with radar expert Donald Sawicki and followed Ferguson on his drive home from work. Their investigation revealed that Ferguson has continued to speed recklessly through town, even when he is off duty and there is no emergency and no reason to justify his excessive speed.

Within minutes of leaving work, Sawicki clocked Ferguson driving 72 in a 45 MPH zone. When he turned down a city street, he was clocked doing 80 in a 30,” the report noted. “But as Ferguson turned onto the highway, he put the pedal to the metal, reaching an astounding 105 mph where the speed limit is 65.”

When Ferguson reached his home, an Inside Edition reporter attempted to confront him and said, “Sir, we saw you driving 105 miles per hour. You’re a law enforcement officer. Why are you breaking traffic laws?”

Ferguson refused to respond, and the Algood Police Department where he is employed has also failed to address the issue of their officer’s reckless driving, which is clearly a danger to the public.

As WSMW reported earlier this year, this is not the first time Ferguson’s excessive speeding has caused a driving accident. Ferguson was disciplined for his involvement in at least five car accidents, according to records from the Cookeville Police Department.

The scenarios that damaged his patrol car included driving recklessly on black ice, changing lanes improperly, hitting a stop sign and hitting a mailbox. When Ferguson hit a semi-truck, the department recommended his resignation. He complied and went on to join the Algood Police Department in 2015.

However, it was not until the surveillance footage was released from the May 2017 accident that almost killed Mr. and Mrs. Cryer, that Ferguson received national attention. James Cryer was ejected from the vehicle in the middle of the street, and Rena Cryer stayed in the passenger seat of the car as it rolled over on the side of the road. It is a miracle that they both survived.

Mrs. Cryer told WSMW that she honestly believed she was going to die, and while she is thankful to be alive, she believes Officer Ferguson should be held accountable for his actions. “I want justice done. Whatever it has to be, I think something ought to be done,” she said.

While the car accident left Mr. Cryer severely disabled, Ferguson has yet to face any consequences for his actions, and his dangerous and reckless behavior has only continued—as was predicted.

If you would like to voice your opinion on the Algood Police Department’s lenient treatment of Christopher Ferguson’s criminal actions, call (931) 537-6830, visit the department’s Facebook page, or contribute a Google review.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

The Washington Standard

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