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Watch: “There’s An Effort Underway To Tear Up The Constitution” As The Economy Nears Collapse

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When it comes to the state of our economy and the corruption of our government, most of us are on the outside looking in. We see the results of our government’s collusion with corporations and banks, but we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors and how it all works.

Catherine Austin Fitts knows. As a former director of an investment bank and a former Commissioner for the Department of Housing and Development under President Bush, you could say that she used to be an insider. As a result, she knows how the elites in the financial sector and in Washington are fleecing the American public, and driving our nation into an economic collapse.

In a recent interview with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com, she reveals one of the reasons why our government is determined to undermine the US Constitution. It’s so that there’s no way for the elites to be held accountable once their house of cards comes crashing down.

There’s an effort underway essentially to tear up the Constitution, because they want to make sure it’s torn up and doesn’t provide a legal mechanism to enforce, once everybody figures out that the money stolen during the financial coup d’etat is going to hit their pocketbook, and hard.

That “financial coup d’etat” she is referring to, is the process by which corporate and banking interests are looting the public sector all over the world, typically with the aid of corrupt government officials. It’s been going on for a long time in America, and it’s about to come to an end as the system nears collapse. And according to Fitts, you’ll know that this game is up, when the pensions begin to run dry. Then you’ll see a process of “controlled demolition,” where the most bankrupt pensions are finally allowed to fail, and millions of Americans realize that their pensions are worthless.

What we’re now starting into is a process of what I call controlled demolition. So when Dallas says you either give us a billion dollars to fund up the pension fund or we’re going to cut benefits, or CalPERS has started scaling back benefits for different members depending on their municipality, that’s what I call a controlled demolition. So you have people all over this country who think they’re going to get a pension benefit of “x” and what they’re about to discover is they’re going to get, you know, 50% to nothing of what they expected. That’s a controlled demolition.

And that’s the real reason why the mainstream media is so focused on the phony Russia-Trump collusion narrative. It’s not just to hurt Trump. They’re trying to distract us all from the fact that the establishment in Washington isn’t going to bail out the average American as the economy crumbles. They’re going to continue to finance America’s overseas empire while the rest of us sink further into poverty, and badly needed infrastructure projects go unfunded.

…Let’s go back to [Trump’s political] campaign. You had one group of people running who wanted to rebuild North America, and Trump’s message was very much rebuild the North American economy. You had another group of people who wanted to strip the United States to continue to promote empire

…This is why they want to talk about Russian interference in the election. They don’t want to talk about the fact that they’re proposing massive increases in the military-industrial complex budget and that means no money for health care, no money for tax reform for the middle class and the poor, no money for the kind of infrastructure that will really rebuild communities. So there’s a real breakdown here between the two policies and the budget nobody wants to change. And we’re gonna have to change, we have no choice.

It just goes to show that when a government like our is on an unsustainable path, it won’t change course. Our government would rather fly off the rails and take us all with it, which is exactly what’s about to happen.

Article posted with permission from SHTFPlan

The Washington Standard

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