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When It Comes To The Second Amendment, Democrats Are Becoming Schizophrenic

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Newly elected Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) is having a tough time getting his story on guns straight.

The leftwing Senator from Alabama (that sounds ridiculous – c’mon Alabama!) has been doing his best to tiptoe on the fence between taking his constituents guns and defending the 2nd Amendment. It’s a tough line to straddle because the 2nd Amendment is pretty clear:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I’m not sure how anyone reads that and says, “that ‘shall not be infringed’ part means that we can pass some laws infringing on their right to keep and bear arms.” However, that is exactly what many “moderate” Democrats do and it’s exactly the same thing that Doug Jones is trying to do now.

Here he is advocating for more invasive gun control methods, even though many of these measures (like universal background checks) wouldn’t actually do anything to curb gun violence.

Jones said, in order to do so it requires “courage to seize this moment,” to work across the aisle and find common ground, tamp down on divisive political rhetoric and be unafraid to do the right thing, no matter the political consequences — something that rings especially true for Jones, as he faces re-election in 2020 in a deep red state.

“We could spend days in this chamber debating the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. We can let our nation further divide itself while more lives are lost. We can fret about what people are saying about us on social media or whether we might lose campaign contributions. We can again choose the path of inaction, in the face of yet another mass shooting, and expect different results,” Jones said.

“Or, we can take another path,” the Alabama senator continued. “Let us find what we can agree on, act on it, and begin to make our country a safer place. We can be reasonable here because we all want the same thing: a safer country, a safer world. At its core, the Second Amendment was an effort to protect Americans. Let us do the same.”

Jones has a problem though, he’s a leftwing Senator from a rightwing state and he’s got to be very careful with how he handles his attempts to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

Which is why he recently went on national television to oppose a ban on “assault weapons” but to support “common sense” gun control.


“Your colleague, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, has now come around to the idea we have to try again on the assault weapons ban. Can you go that far?” Stephanopoulos said of Warner’s about-face on the idea of an “assault-style weapons” ban.

“I’m not sure I can go that far just yet, George,” Jones said. “We’ve got to get done what I think can be done right now.”

“I really don’t believe that a gun ban is feasible right now,” Jones said about an assault weapons ban.

Sounds great, right?

Except, he’s not saying that he disagrees with an “assault-style weapons” ban. He’s saying that he doesn’t think it can pass “right now,” so he’s going to support what “can be done right now.”

This is a HUGE difference from being a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

This is Doug Jones being politically practical and wanting to keep his job long enough to eventually take our guns.

The people of Alabama need to dump this chump as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, just in case you still believe that the Democrats aren’t trying to take our freedom from us, here’s the Vice Chair of the Democrat National Committee to prove you wrong.


Or, how about this is Exhibit B?

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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