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Why Leftists, Deviants & Most Of #METOO Are A Sham

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For those who remember, the post-sexual revolution 1970s was a period in which libertine ideas were being bandied about in much the same way that even more libertine and morally ambivalent ideas are being advanced today. Part of what was called the “counterculture” during the late 1960s, it was enthusiastically celebrated by those on the political left.

Media, the press and those in higher education were at the forefront of this, and – much in the same way other morally reckless notions are being defended today – anyone who protested or warned against potentially deleterious societal effects was accused of being “some kind of prude.”

Fast-forward nearly 50 years, and we are enjoying the fruits of having allowed those ideas to proliferate: A significantly higher divorce rate (even among Christians), on-demand abortion, sexually confused youth, far more out-of-wedlock births and increased sexual predation, to name a few.

While people such as myself voice these facts very publicly, and others in the general population discuss them amongst themselves, the political left – which spearheaded those changes decades ago – offers no explanation for the resulting dysfunction or attendant societal woes. In fact, much of it is argued as being normal by leftist politicos and their followers.

The recent #MeToo movement, which came into being shortly after allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein and others surfaced last year, is one of the fruits of these new sensibilities. While many are aware that the “casting couch” has been a fixture in the movie industry for nearly 100 years, sexual misconduct on the scale that’s been suggested by the explosion of allegations speaks to a much greater malaise.

It also bears mentioning that those in Hollywood have always been a pack of predatory, sexually ambivalent freaks, and that they played a major role in spreading sexually ambivalent ideals.

A couple of recent high-profile news stories bring to light the innate hypocrisy of the left vis-à-vis sexual morality and some of the positions they’ve taken on the topic of sexual mores and gender issues.

As some will have read in press reports, 35-year-old Hollywood actress Allison Mack is now embroiled in a particularly bizarre sex scandal having to do with her involvement in a sinister cult that allegedly engaged in sex trafficking for quite a few years. Mack was arrested by the FBI in April 2018. According to prosecutors, she is said to have been the principal recruiter for the group. If these charges are well-founded, Mack and her cohorts engaged in some particularly disgusting and humiliating – as well as illegal – activities.

Also recently featured in the press was the story about former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who now stands accused of having sexually abused four women, according to an article in the New Yorker. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has reportedly opened a probe into the matter.

What’s noteworthy about Schneiderman is that he has been an ardent supporter of the #MeToo movement, and he even filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Harvey Weinstein following an investigation of his own into allegations of the latter’s sexual misconduct. Of course, Schneiderman would not be the first high-profile person to have allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against them after years or decades of being an advocate for the victims of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

In some very significant ways, the situations such as I have touched on above evidence the #MeToo movement as being a dangerous sham. While it has brought to light some of the more atrocious instances of sexual misconduct and how it has become something of an epidemic, it has also created the sort of “witch-hunt” atmosphere that inevitably blows back on at least a few innocent people.

Then, there’s the proclivity for those on the left to jump on the bandwagon of victimhood, and to encourage as many others as possible to do so as well. They assert that such action is empowering, and typically it is in the case of an individual confronting their abuse. Quite the opposite often turns out to be the case, however, when a culture of victimhood is created, and this is something at which the left excels.

Finally, concerning the entertainment industry, we have legions of people speaking out against something for which they have provided de facto advocacy and approval for a long, long time, and in more than one manner. While I’m sure no one in Hollywood would ever admit that there’s a connection between the sexual irresponsibility they’ve encouraged and the proliferation of sexual predators, many will admit to having contributed to a culture of sexual predation within the industry by virtue of their prolonged silence.

The danger – as it has been with so much of the sexual and moral ambivalence to which we’ve been exposed – is that we’ll become increasingly desensitized to it, and continue to incrementally capitulate to the desires of deviants. People will just cease to care, laws against sexual violence and sex trafficking will cease to have real teeth, and perhaps we’ll eventually lower the age of consent to six.

Ultimately, we’ll live in some kind of “Hunger Games” or “Altered Carbon”-type dystopia where men like Harvey Weinstein, Eric Schneiderman, Bill Clinton, R. Kelly and the members of celebrity sex cults will operate with impunity – consuming exotic drugs, dining on rare bits of smoked endangered mammal meat, and sexually abusing young boys in their boredom as they snicker over how wretched the rest of us are.

Which is pretty much what they really want anyway.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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