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Why Leland Keyser Ran From Christine Blasey Ford

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As in the previous three posts (here, here and here), this is one that escaped me.  A reader kindly advised that I had missed this one that was originally posted on September 21, 2o18 at the now Google scrubbed Cult of the 1st Amendment by an unknown author.  Again, I am simply posting this to keep it out in the public domain.

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Now that Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbooks have been unscrubbed from the web, the Senate Judiciary Committee has access to written evidence – published directly by the Holton-Arms School – documenting intimate relationships between senior girls and freshman/sophomore boys from other schools. Some of these relationships may have involved sexual intercourse, or other sexual activity, both potentially rising to 2d Degree Rape in Maryland, a felony.

Other criminal sexual activity perpetrated by senior girls on young boys equates to 4thdegree sexual crime, a misdemeanor.

Since there is no statute of limitations for felony sex crimes, a proper investigation needs to take place. Convictions are still possible if any of the boys come forward related to the felonies. Misdemeanors are outside the statute of limitations but must still be investigated, as they will show how the Holton-Arms senior girls sexually dominated young boys.

Read the caption above:

Like a free bird – Or, at least we hope that’s what Leland is screaming.”

Her name was Leland Ingham when she was at Holton-Arms School with Christine Blasey Ford. And she was supposed to be the star witness today. Christine named her as one of the four other people – and the only girl – who supposedly attended the party where she alleges to have been assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.

But just minutes after I published my second report concerning disturbing racism deliberately inserted within the pages of the Holton-Arms yearbooks, Leland Ingham Keyser (her current name) issued a statement through her lawyers wherein she unequivocally testified that Christine Blasey should not have named her as having been there. Leland said that she had never heard of the party or incident, and that she hadnever met Brett Kavanaugh.

What happened? Leland and Christine are life-long friends. Why would Christine name Leland as a corroborating witness if it wasn’t true? And why isn’t anyone asking that question. Again and again. Until it’s answered. How could Christine get that wrong?

She didn’t get it wrong. Leland was going to back her up. Then she got scared. Then she wanted out. Not so fast.

It’s truly frightening. Had the yearbooks not surfaced, Leland Ingham – the girl screaming at the young boy above – would be subjecting Brett Kavanaugh to a Holton sized dose of career ending humiliation.

And why did Cristina King, who was in the class of 1983, one year ahead of Christine Blasey at Holton-Arms, post on Facebook that she did not know Christine personally, but only remembered her? Why did Cristina King say Blasey was “a year or so” behind her at Holton-Arms when King knew exactly when Blasey graduated? The ugly truth is that they were good friends. Cristina King was the party queen. The yearbooks document that she entertained all of the girls at her infamous house parties.

Christine Blasey Ford was not supposed to be going it alone. She had all of her ducks lined up. But they swam away. That is the real story here. What caused Cristina and Leland to run?


Cristina King was supposed to set Brett Kavanaugh up with a jab from a distance, then Leland would come with a right hook, knocking Brett Kavanaugh out for the count. Since Cristina was one year ahead, she could make it appear as if she didn’t really know Christine Blasey. By putting distance between the two girls, her original Facebook post – now fully retracted – made it seem as if the alleged assault was common knowledge. If the two weren’t close friends, King’s statement would be that much more objective under public scrutiny. (King fully retracted. She now says she has no actual knowledge of the matter.)

Without the yearbooks to contradict the plot, Cristina’s Facebook post seemed plausible. But the yearbooks make clear that Cristina King knew Christine Blasey very well. There were only 71 girls in King’s graduating class, 73 in Blasey’s. Both girls attended Holton-Arms for six years, five of them together. They were good friends, and even better drinking buddies. Cristina King was forced to admit all of this to NPR reporter Nina Totenberg.

Cristina’s Facebook post was pre-meditated, and Leland’s sucker punch was too. But they are both running scared now. What they did is a crime. They attempted to frame an innocent man for a crime. And now their activity is a criminal conspiracy. All three must be investigated for this crime and for potential felony sex crimes back when they were seniors at Holton-Arms.


My first report documented Holton minors binge drinking and blacking out at all night parties thrown by the girls of the private Holton-Arms School. More important, however, is the admission contained in Christine Blasey Ford’s senior yearbook, Scribe 84, that the older girls had relationships with younger boys.

Under Maryland law, some of those relationships may be classified as 2d degree rape. If Brett Kavanaugh is going to be asked under oath by Senators about Blasey’s allegations, it is only fair that those same Senators place her under oath and ask about potential sex crimes she may have committed, as well as potential sex crimes perpetrated by other Holton-Arms girls.

The young boys who were victims – now grown men watching this play out – may also come forward to tell their stories. We shall see. Media and investigators will be reaching out to them


Below is a chart explaining rape law in Maryland:

In Maryland, “statutory rape” is “2d Degree Rape”, a felony, fetching up to twenty years in prison. Note that the sexual act necessary for a rape conviction is not limited to intercourse.

Many students start freshman year at 13 years old, while others start at 14. Many seniors are 18 years old. Many sophomores are 14 for part of the school year as well.

Based upon the following evidence published in Blasey’s senior yearbook, it is very possible that 2d degree rape charges could still be brought against some of the Holton-Arms girls from the class of 84 (and other classes), potentially including Christine Blasey Ford. Lesser offenses, 4th degree sex crimes, were almost certainly committed but are barred by the statute of limitations. Regardless, these too must be investigated if the process is to be fair.


Above is a caption taken from Scribe 84, pg. 261. It is the concluding passage for the Holton-Arms senior class of 1984, saying goodbye to their school and hello to the world as adults. And for this momentous occasion they glorified the sexual conquest of young boys:

“Other seniors preferred to expand their horizons and date younger men, usually sophomores, who could bring the vitality and freshness of innocence to a relationship.”

Exactly what “horizons” have been expanded by dating younger boys? And then consider the next clever louche turn of phrase, stating that the young boys “bring the vitality and freshness of innocence.”

It’s certainly not the intellectual capacity of younger boys that these older Holton girls are after. The Holton senior girls were definitely intellectual and authoritarian superiors here. Look at the boy’s face in the picture above as Leland Ingham screams at him.

Usually sophomores” implies they were getting freshman action as well.

The girls appear to be bragging in code about taking the virginity of these younger boys. Virginity appears likened to the “freshness of innocence”. And what else does the freshness of innocence bring the older girls?

It brings vitality, which the Holton senior girls drained these little boys of from the sound of this raunchy yearbook poetry. The young boys, experiencing first “relationships”, first sexual activity, with these older girls, the Holton girls, have vitality. The seedy implication here is that the Holton girls wore out the older boys, and they were looking for fresh meat.

And they joked about their young boy paramours as well:

The caption reads: “Would you believe he had a ten o’clock curfew? – Liza exclaims to Mary and Rick.”

On pg. 157 of Scribe 84 – Blasey’s senior yearbook – the sophomores lamented about the senior girls taking the younger boys away from them, stating, “The Holiday Ball had a great tenth grade attendance. Unfortunately, we didn’t go with Landon sophomores since most of them seemed to be senior dates.”

These were aggressive girls who didn’t go after older guys, because they could exercise greater power over the young. They thought very highly of themselves then, as they do now:

“Senior year is the time to attain all those long sought after goals and to assert one’s authority, not to degenerate into a class of weak-minded, weak-willed women…Now really ladies, we are the crème de la crème, the superwomen of society…we are Holton-Arms Seniors!”


Sexually abusive treatment of these young boys by the Holton seniors might have created psychological problems for the boys. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is a clinical psychologist. She must be questioned about this abuse as a fact witness, as well as an expert in psychology. We need to know who she dated, and how old those boys were.

We rarely discuss sexual abuse of young boys by older females. It happens more than you can imagine, especially in schools. And in the pages of the Holton-Arms class of 1984 yearboook, we are given a rare glimpse inside that world of sexual child abuse.

Read again the troubling statement Cristina King posted on Facebook  about her time at Holton-Arms:

“We were teenagers and did really stupid, abusive, dangerous things.”

And they are still doing stupid, abusive, dangerous things. They took the national stage and lied. It’s right out of the Salem witch trials playbook. The more we examine this picture, the more it looks like Christine Blasey Ford and her classmates had this whole thing planned…to relive prior glories, assert their power and change the course of history. They were out for Kavanaugh’s scalp and loaded for bear.

Prior written statements from potential perpetrators are admissible evidence in court. We have direct evidence of potential 2d degree rape upon young boys referred to in Scribe 84. Christine Blasey has no “evidence” at all.

In my next report, I will explain a coded term used in Scribe 83, “dry comfort”. It relates to a vile, abusive, criminal hazing ritual that involved “getting soaked”. Some more than others.

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