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What Will the Fall Out for Cruz Be Now that He Refused His Endorsement of Donald Trump?

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No one likes to lose, especially with so much anticipation of winning. A year ago, there seemed no way that Ted Cruz would not be getting set to accept the GOP nomination for President. What he lacked in eligibility, he made up for in zeal and charisma. But, as the Republican world was set to hear Cruz praise Trump, once again, Cruz let them down.

The reason seems to be hurt feelings and thin-skinned crying.

Breitbart reports:

Speaking to an incensed Texas delegation, Cruz recalled an answer he gave at a Republican debate this year, when he enthusiastically said he would support the party’s official nominee.

“The day that was abdicated was the day this became personal,” Cruz said. “I’m not going to get into criticizing or attacking Donald Trump, but I’ll give you this response: I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father.”

“And that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, I’m going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and my father,” he added.

On the surface, the speech was not that bad, as a public service announcement encouraging people to vote. And we would hope that people would vote their conscience. But if you are a speaker at the RNC, you are not there as a public service announcer: you are there to endorse the nominee.

So what will this mean? Will people continue to mindlessly support this guy like they have since he dropped out of the race? Is Cruz justifying his failure to hold up his end of a deal that he and every candidate made publicly? Will this wake them up to who he is and what he is about?

It seems very bad for a man who stood and called the Senate Majority Leader a liar on National television.

But this is American politics – Hilary is still in the running and lying does not even make her long list of offenses against the American people.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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