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Woman Faces Eviction for Flying American Flag

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There are always those people that mess things up for others.  The one that wants to do something that they know others will not like.  And while those around them seek to be considerate and simply live their lives, they have to be punished because of the actions of others.  This system of mutual abstinence to avoid discrimination lawsuits has been perpetuated by our court system and the sodomite victories in court…and it has reached the level of absurdity.

WBTV reports: 

Teresa Greene may have to pack up her belongings and leave the Cato Mobile Home Community in Belmont.

Greene and other residents of the park previously received letters saying that flags must be removed from their rental lots in the mobile home park. Greene contacted WBTV upon receipt of the letter and said she would not be removing the American flag outside of her home.

Now, at first glance, some would think that this had something to do with the park not wanting to offend people, but that is not the case.  Rather, it seems that those who would want to fly offensive flags are causing everyone to have to remove their flags.  Even the American flag.

Breitbart provides the original notification:

We are contacting all homeowners with a flag attached to their home. Due to our office being approached for authorization to erect or just erecting a flag that is offensive, could be offensive, or is derogatory for the community we are requesting that all existing flags be removed and refrain from erecting another flag on the home.

At this time, we are going to allow the small garden-styled flags to remain. However, if the same situation arises with those flags, we will have to reconsider.

Rather than fight with those who would fly the unwanted flags in the park, the rental company has chosen to ban all flag flying.  And, really, how can you blame them, with all the legal fees and the time spent in court if you get sued? But they did not count on Teresa Greene.

Breitbart continues:

Greene, who also flies a smaller American flag and a breast cancer victim support flag, was incensed, asserting, “I’m just going to leave it until she comes and takes it down,” in reference to a property management employee. She added, “It’s crazy that you can’t fly an American flag here in America. Last I figured, Belmont, North Carolina, was in America.” She contacted WBTV to assert she would not leave the park.

Greene’s determination has placed Cato Rentals in the exact spot that they were trying to avoid.  The company hoped that the rest of their tenants would quietly comply with the order.  They thought that they would simply have to send the notice and all their legal entanglements would be avoided.  Now, they face a similar situation: Greene may force them to evict her.

WBTV reports:

After refusing to take the flag down, Greene said she recently received another letter from the park. It reads:

Ms. Greene,

As a month-to-month tenant, your Lease is subject to termination at any time upon sixty (60) day notice. This letter serves as our sixty (60) day notice that we will no longer rent to you. Therefore, if your home is not removed from the community by December 1, 2015 we will begin the legal process of eviction.

Cato Rentals

Teresa told WBTV that she would appeal the eviction and was currently seeking legal counsel.  This kind of resistance is the only thing that will stop the egalitarian tyranny that has swept our country.  God Speed Teresa!

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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