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YouTube CEO Nazi: If You Post Videos Disagreeing With The Official Narrative Put Out By The World Health Organization On COVID-19, We Will Remove Them (Video)

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YouTube has now come out and actually said that they are engaging in Nazi-style censoring.  Anyone who disagrees with who they claim are “authorities,” including the World Health Organization, will be censored and their videos removed from their platform.

Now, to be clear, this is an admission of breaking the law, as discussed on The Sons of Liberty – YouTube when I interviewed Jason Fyk and his lawsuit against Facebook.


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki sat down with Brian Stelter on Monday for an interview on Reliable Sources. During the interview, Susan Wojcicki flat out stated that they would be removing any content that didn’t toe the party line on Chinese Coronavirus. The party line, of course, being set by the Chinese World Health Organization.

She claims that YouTube serves up billions of items from health organizations to make sure people know the official narrative and she doesn’t want people to be diverted to people who show studies, provide electron microscope images and explain just how people actually get coronavirus and how they don’t.  Her entire premise for censoring other people is based on unproven theories… you could say that Wojicki, who is not a nurse nor a doctor, is a conspiracy theorist.

Remember, she is advancing the claims of those that have been caught lying to us, are in bed with people like Bill Gates to produce a mandatory vaccine and have sought to cook the books on COVID-19 sicknesses and deaths.  But she believes it’s her job and YouTube’s to ensure that you only hear from those who have lied to us and any dissent will not be allowed.  Heil Wojcicki!

She also emphasizes “authoritative sources,” but she doesn’t tell us why we should consider them to be “authoritative.”  This is merely her opinion, which she does not back up with facts.

I think she meant to say “authoritarian” sources.

However, she claims that things are removed that are “medically unsubstantiated.”  Among those things she referenced was Vitamin C and tumeric use to combat symptoms.  She calls those things a “violation of our policy.”

She then went a step further.

“Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policies,” she added.

Of course, Stelter aided her propaganda by saying YouTube wasn’t just “putting the truth next to the lie,” but “you’re taking the lie down.”

While Wojcicki is obviously smiling that he is aiding her in her crimes by referring to things they disagree with as lies, it is interesting to note that this is occurring on CNN, the least trusted name in news… and who else would know more about lying than CNN.

While she claims that YouTube removes things that are violations of their policies, they never actually point to a specific policy violation when you contest their claims.  Seems we need to remove YouTube employees who are engaging in this behavior as they disagree with free speech with regard to health, something which people do have a right to in this country, Fraulein Wojcicki.

Yet, all of this goes much further than she will admit.

For instance, In the past week, I’ve had several of my radio interviews pulled.

Here they are in podcast format along with documentation of the claims being made.  Yet, YouTube claims that these are “inappropriate.”

As soon as The Sons of Liberty are done dealing with Facebook and their self-professed fact checkers, we’ll take aim at YouTube.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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