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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who digs for truth in a world where nothing is as it seems, and then connecting the dots and presenting her findings to you. You can follow her work at

Don’t let the chaos snuff you out – your light shines brighter than you know. Tap into it, dissect it, get reacquainted with it, then blast that light, stay in that light, and BE THE LIGHT.

Aside from ample proof in this 6-part investigative report packed full of well over 100 statistics pulled straight from the source, there are congressional hearings, whistleblower testimony, the documentary Vaxxed, studies from respected scientists, hundreds of thousands of reports in the VAERS database, and most importantly – millions of parents as first-hand witnesses to the majority of the victims – children. Many adults have been effected by the flu vaccine as well. Don’t stop fighting and never give up – the children are the future.

Merck, the exclusive manufacturer of the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, has been involved in a lawsuit since 2010 against its own scientists who blew the whistle on the efficacy of their MMR vaccine, but that’s not the only lawsuit they’ve been up against. In fact, Merck has been fined billions for multiple crimes over the years.

The Clintons have played the long game in the vaccine industry, beginning with the free mandatory Vaccines for Children program back in 1994, and partnering with pharmaceutical manufacturers before, during, and after Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. Exceeding all of her rivals with big pharma donations during the 2016 presidential campaign, Merck alone has donated $250,000 – $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation. But it’s not just the Clintons, nor is it just Merck, the pharmaceutical industry has lobbied politicians on both sides of the fence for a long time, with pay-to-play schemes.

Taxpayers not only foot the bill for the vaccines, but they also assume all liability for vaccine injuries and deaths while protecting the manufacturers, and the government simply manages our funds. The narrative is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry itself, which runs through a coalition working directly with our government.

The attacks by the media on those trying to cover statistics directly from the CDC and HHS needs to stop. Disregarding credible scientists, suppressing whistleblowers, and settling cases in secret while pretending data doesn’t exist, needs to come to a halt. Where there is deceit, there will always be resistance.

The Clintons Masterminded The Mandatory Free “Vaccines for Children” (VFC) Program in 1994.

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The information that follows will provide facts, for each person to use their own discernment in determining what they believe to be truth, or until further information is revealed.

Generating millions in funds to erect small solar farms, was just the appetizer. These folks have a 5-course meal planned, and the potential for dessert is concerning.