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The Ontario Review Board, the top court in Canada’s most populous province, struck a strong blow against “Islamophobia” Monday when it granted permission to a young Muslim named Ayanle Hassan Ali to attend Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Surely only venomous Islamophobes would want to deny an enterprising Muslim the

She definitely made a point. President Trump’s point. Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Gets Killed by Terrorists Tragedy of cultural relativism strikes again. By: Summit News, Paul Joseph Watson, A journalist traveled to Ilhan Omar’s homeland of Somalia to challenge stereotypes and prove the country

A maximum security prison rife with unchecked jihad activity — clearly British authorities want Tommy Robinson dead, and they don’t care who knows it. They have set their nation on the path to suicide, and they’re bent on keeping it there. “Tommy Robinson Reportedly Transferred to Prison Described as ‘Jihadi

If you want to know how to beat gun control, look no further than New Zealand.  Noncompliance with the new mandatory gun buyback law is kneecapping the government’s ability to enforce the law they wrote. As of last week, only 700 weapons have been turned over to New Zealand’s government

Here is the latest item in the ongoing dumpster fire of Britain’s cultural and civilizational collapse: according to the MailOnline, the British TV drama EastEnders will feature a character who is in prison for killing his sister converting to Islam “to Islam to find peace after leaving prison.” The storyline is,

Not migrants, as the Democrats insist, “undocumented Frenchmen.” It’s what they want for us here. Hundreds of undocumented migrants calling themselves “black vests” stormed the Pantheon monument in central Paris on Friday demanding the right to remain in France. Police on the scene told Reuters an estimated 200 to 300

In light of the speculations over the avoidance of a “planetary catastrophe” last week by a Russian submarine that caught fire and killed 14 Russian Navy seamen, a report is out that document that a sunken Soviet-era submarine that has been at the bottom of the Arctic for 30 years

Fourteen Russian Navy seamen lost their lives aboard a Russian submarine last week, but the hush hush tone from both Washington, DC and the Kremlin have spared theories ranging from the sub was sent to “kill the internet” to it had engaged a US sub off the coast of Alaska. 

The speculation continues about what that Russian submarine was doing and even carrying last week when a fire broke out that killed 14 Russian seamen.  With the events that took place in Washington, DC, those at the Kremlin and then the submarine itself, it is widely theorized that all of