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*Fourth is a series about September 2019 as “Workforce Development Month”* Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve seen so much educratic BS from global forces which has encroached on our federal government, we could fill a dump. That overreach has been passed down like a ‘hot potato’ from the federal government, to our

“Every country has the government it deserves.” –Joseph De Maistre As I have long observed, the collusion between corrupt media and corrupt government in this country has continued to set the narrative for far too long. It is a history lesson that needs to be learned in the present. Adolph

“Let’s be frank on what ICE does. ICE last year took [enough] opioids off thestreet of this country that could have killedevery man, woman and child inthe United States twice.They’ve arrested thousands of sexualpredators that preyed onchildren. They rescued thousands of children who were victims of predators. They’ve arrested hundreds

“If Republicans abandon the Second Amendment and demoralize millions of Americans who care deeply about Second Amendment rights, that could go a long way to electing a President Elizabeth Warren,” Cruz said. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed the contentious issue of gun control with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday

The left is so threatened by history that they simply seek to destroy it so that it can be rewritten. One of the big themes, over the last several years, has been demanding the removal of certain statues and monuments in that offend leftists. A Virginia judge has ruled that

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” ~ Shannon L. Alder A recent article in the “Washington Post” exposes the criminal behavior of former Congressman Tom Marino (PA) along with newly elected US Senator

Minneapolis, MN – As TFTP reported in 2017, a Minneapolis police officer was seen on video jumping the fence of an innocent family’s home and shooting their two beloved service dogs. Now, after police refused to hold their officers accountable for the shooting of the service dogs, the family is going after

WSB-TV Atlanta is reporting that a former NFL player, Edawn Louis Coughman, stands accused of causing property damage at his own business and driving off with flat-screen TVs to make it look like his business was both vandalized and burglarized. Here’s more… A Gwinnett County business owner and former NFL

Why in the world would anyone want to ban vaping products when real tobacco products kill millions of Americans? The Trump administration contends that vaping is dangerous and is promising a partial ban on vaping products. Here’s more from Politico: The Trump administration is finalizing a ban on flavored e-cigarettes after

The U.S. Senate has reconvened from its August recess, and first on the agenda is gun control. President Trump has been in ongoing talks with Democrats and anti-gun Republicans about exactly what and how much gun control will be passed this month. Virtually everything is on the table: everything from