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Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) called out the Trump administration for waiting to hear from their “Saudi masters,” as she put it, following Trump’s tweet that he was waiting to hear from the “Kingdom” as to “who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we

*Fourth is a series about September 2019 as “Workforce Development Month”* Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve seen so much educratic BS from global forces which has encroached on our federal government, we could fill a dump. That overreach has been passed down like a ‘hot potato’ from the federal government, to our

“If Republicans abandon the Second Amendment and demoralize millions of Americans who care deeply about Second Amendment rights, that could go a long way to electing a President Elizabeth Warren,” Cruz said. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed the contentious issue of gun control with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday

This is war on America. Three years in and the party of treason is still trying to overthrow the will of the American people. The refusal to accept the results of free and fair election is a declaration of war. HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE PASSES IMPEACHMENT RULES TO EXPAND SCOPE OF

Okay, so let’s talk about Thursday’s debate.  Apparently, every month the Democrats are going to subject us to at least one of these debates, and I suppose that this time around we should be thankful that they did not stretch things out over two nights.  All of the big news

As we move into the 2020 election season, most people have their eyes glued on the dog and pony show WWE bout in DC and who will be president. Some will be closely watching House and Senate races, and others, who in my opinion are much wiser, will be eyeing

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, shifts in time, have happened for us. Down through history. For example, our shift in how we read the Bible, what version we read, our very calendars were also shifted. We’ve seen and witnessed shifts in beliefs, traditions, money, foods, who leads us, and, how they

Many Trump supporters are lost in a sea of biased social media and looking for safe ground. The Trump Team has announced the creation of an APP that will now give Trump supporters a way to stay in the loop. I believe our President would call this 3-D Chess. Business

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in my last article I shared with you the Senate Resolution which has set aside September 2019 as “Workforce Development Month”. If you’re not sure why or how this connects to your students, I am sharing it, here. Our government has bought into the belief that a skill-based worker is

Democrat representatives have been more than complicity in abandoning their oaths to the Constitution and the people they represent for decades when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms, along with the issue of supporting constitutional militias.  Now, more than ever, they are pushing for gun confiscation