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If the $5 billion Tax-Credit Scholarships are passed in the Trump budget, say good-bye to your individuality as a private school or religious school because you must teach Common Core and Social and Emotional Learning. The future of your school will morph into a federal government charter school. Read more

Editor’s Note: I guess like father, like son. It runs in the family. Hunter Biden is a known drug addict. But, he is also a well-traveled and well-connected businessman. Through the years he has been involved in some major controversies and our President knows that. On Monday, it was reported that Hunter had a

Apart from the fact that she appears to be a foreign agent, it’s illegal, from a terror regime, no less. U.S. federal law prohibits foreign nationals from donating to political candidates. IN CALL FOR CAMPAIGN FUNDS FOR U.S. REP. ILHAN OMAR – WHO HAS MET WITH TURKISH PRESIDENT ERDOGAN – TURKISH PRO-GOVERNMENT NEWS

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, as the 2020 election season is gearing up in hype, know that one of the main issues will NOT be education. What’s grabbing the attention of most Americans? Data. However, data comes in several forms and most definitely shows up in education! If you missed my 5 part series on

Today’s Next News Network video pick is simply sickening. In Bernie Sanders latest attempt to remain relevant, he released an ad that made fun of the 2016 attack on President Trump. Watch: Mike Cernovich tweeted about the ad/mock assassination video here: The Bernie Sanders campaign is using footage of an assassination attempt

One thing about Democrats these days is that they will pretend to be anything other than who they really are to get elected. In the presidential race for 2020, we have Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), who pretended for most of her life to be Native American, until she took up a

Just weeks after Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was busted for campaign finance violations and using campaign money to pay her attorneys, the same representative that called for an investigation into that criminal activity has followed up and called for a federal ethics probe into her affairs while being in Congress.

One thing you can gather from the first Democrat presidential debates is not a single candidate is for the American people, the country, or improving anything at all. Their top priority is to destroy everything the United States stands for as a free, constitutional nation and implement their neo-Nazi core

Ordinary politicians stick to lying about one thing at a time. Extraordinarily bad politicians, like Senator Kamala Harris, build a bizarre vortex of flip-flops, lies and terms that mean the exact opposite of what they do. Maybe she really is Obamaesque. Senator Harris had signed on to Bernie’s push to

Unlike Wednesday night, the mud was definitely flying when 10 more Democratic presidential candidates took the stage for a nationally televised debate on Thursday night. The most frequent target was former Vice President Joe Biden, and it is going to be very interesting to see how he bounces back from