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Why aren’t more Americans concerned that we could be on the verge of an apocalyptic war with Iran?  If there was still any doubt, what happened on Friday made it exceedingly clear that we are literally on the brink of seeing World War 3 erupt in the Middle East.  And

Senator Kamala Harris, who lives with her white husband in one of the most segregated neighborhoods in Los Angeles, has come out with a call for busing children to distant schools to fight “segregation”. That’s great for Kamala, who has no children. Her stepson, Cole, who works at the William

Ewing Township, NJ — This week, 31-year-old Daniel Bannister was arrested for murdering a three-month-old baby girl — his own daughter. While this is horrifying enough, TFTP has learned that after this cop allegedly murdered his own daughter, he used her death to start a GoFundMe page and raised $17,618.

“Who is attacking your First Amendment through illegal censorship more than big tech companies that the government is working with hand in glove? No one!” First, there was Trey Gowdy, then there was Daryl Issa and Jason Chaffetz, and the latest to come on board with the great American appeasers

So far in the series, political Islam has been defined and a simple tool given to determine how to recognize it.  The use of Islam, particularly political Islam, toward a push for globalism under a one world government has been discussed, as nations’ governments have adopted multiculturalism and encouraged, imported,

The path to the $100,000 payment that allowed Senator Elizabeth Warren to access the DNC voter file began in a town near San Francisco with an anonymous man in a bunny suit and some ecstasy. But that’s just because they do things a little differently in San Fran. The Bay

It’s hardly a secret that those in the field of 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls are pulling out all the stops with some of the most outrageous giveaway proposals in order to coalesce support among intellectually indolent identity groups. Some of these are being rehashed – such as pledges to institute

On May 29, Robert Mueller delivered a crucial nine-minute speech that summarized his 400-page report officially titled Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, but he added a unique “final” version. His personal “testimony.”  Many missed his secret tells—it’s easy to do. His spontaneous speech

On July 16, “The Washington Post” published a “breaking” article on 76 billion opioid pills unmasking the epidemic.  Further, they stated that in the many lawsuits filed across the country against the pharmaceutical industry, “plaintiffs have long accused drug manufacturers and wholesales of fueling the opioid epidemic by producing and

In the first article of the series, Political Islam:  The Threat to the West, the term “political Islam” was defined, why Islam affects everyone including non-believers, and how we, in the united States can begin to counter Islam.  Part Two will cover the goal of Islam and how it is