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Buried in their hubris and a false sense of superiority, the global elite actually believes they can roll over Russia and reduce it to a neoliberal vassal state. This illusion may soon result in war and the destruction of civilization. On Saturday, The New York Times reported the US Cyber Command

Old:  Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg castle knowing the Pope would tear it down. New: Today, Martin Luther would post his 95 Theses on Facebook, knowing the Pope of communications, Mark Zuckerberg, would tear it down. As the Pope went after Martin Luther

The problem with most American voters is that they do not know their own history. The Democrats were founded by racists and have evolved into a party of covert racists that have somehow convinced minorities to go against their own best interests. Below is a collection of 4 articles that

Treason-In general, it is the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power. –Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Nobody likes to be lied to, but boy have we been lied to and

Flag Day was once called the “runty stepchild among American national holidays” by the New York Times. While it may not be the grandest of our country’s celebrations, it’s impossible to talk about Flag Day without briefly discussing why Old Glory was originally created, and what it means today. We may

Addison Woosley, 13, spoke out during a Raleigh, North Carolina, city council meeting Tuesday. Woosley called for an end to abortion and to make Raleigh a “sanctuary city for the unborn“. “Abortion should be illegal because it is murder. The definition of murder is the killing of one human being

Leftists have turned comedy into a problem you need a break from.

Coach Dave Daubenmire V. Hillary and Bill Clinton.  See Bill Rapes – Hillary destroys his victims. Hillary Kills – CNN destroys her victims. A short ditty to expose the evil biddy – numbered are the days of the old First Lady as she coughs, lies and curses on her way

With the Democrats desperately trying to rewrite voting laws to include felons and illegal aliens I thought it was time someone from our side got a little more rational. As much as these ideas may be unfair, unconstitutional and simply over-the-top, I feel that they are far less ridiculous than