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Some dubbed 2016 the Flight 93 election. 2018 was the Kavanaugh election.

If our founders could see what has happened to the once great nation that they established, they would be rolling over in our graves. The United States of America is in an advanced state of decline, and we just got more evidence of that fact on Tuesday night.

If you really want to do something to show your respect and appreciation for the nation’s veterans, here’s a suggestion: skip the parades and the retail sales and the flag-waving and instead go exercise your rights—the freedoms that those veterans risked their lives to protect—by pushing back against the government’s tyranny.

Regardless of the outcome of this current election, the urgent need now is to return to the fixed standards found in the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God. Unless this Godly American agenda lives in the hearts of the people, we are at the mercy of evil and ruthless men.

Trump should end the alliance with Pakistan. Pakistan is not an ally of the United States and has not been for a considerable period, if, indeed, it ever was. The treatment of Asia Bibi ought to be the occasion for the official ending of this sham alliance.

Americans will line up at the polls this week to conduct the American tradition of voting for the lesser of two evils and expecting a different result.

If you think immigration enforcement is expensive, try not enforcing it.

If the Democrats are unable to take the House, that will probably mean that a late “red wave” has saved the day for the Republicans and it will also probably mean that they will likely increase their Senate majority by a little bit. In that scenario, we will see a lot more than “bed-wetting” from the left.  Their hopes have been pinned on these midterm elections for nearly two years, and a crushing loss could set off a national temper tantrum of frightening proportions.