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Who gave these representatives the green light to give your country over to a people that mean to kill, steal and to destroy (John 10:10)?

With ungodly men like Dr. Willis heading many “churches”, supporting immorality, and fomenting lies and deception, the moral principles upon which a population should agree – the counsel of God and teachings of Jesus Christ, the goal post continues to move on what church leaders like Dr. Willis convey are moral principles, which often are against the Scripture.  This will continue to be detrimental to our republic and the people in it.

Just like Obama, Donald Trump continues to wage war on gun rights, curtsy to Saudi Arabia, and wage wars of aggression across the globe.

This silent coup from Socialist insurgents within our own government has been going on for decades. Slowly and assuredly, they have brought us to the boiling point we are at today.

Trump is not pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Syria; he is pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of Christians and conservatives.

What if the return of Jesus is 50…or 100…or 1000 years into the future?  What if the game really isn’t over?  What if what you did today really did make a difference tomorrow?

As today’s civics-illiterate students become tomorrow’s politicians and voters, the rules of the game we all play are becoming more burdensome and its players less free. The only way to counteract the bad after-effects of civic ignorance is to place priority on civic understanding—and that begins at home.

In their quest for greatness, our founding fathers laid a consistent and discoverable pattern that would establish and ensure the greatness of America.

This isn’t 1st time an ‘ethnic darling was given carte blanche’