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We truly are a nation in decline, and things are getting worse with each passing year.

On Fifth Avenue, the establishment pharaohs, whose faith is not in Isis or Hathor, but in progressive social justice, look at the children in Jewish schools across New York City and bitterly echo his words.

Because of the Left’s open borders policy, the US has a Mad Max criminal situation where the rule of law has been replaced by carnage.

Over the past 12 months we witnessed great political shaking, Wall Street experienced the worst downturn that we have seen since 2008, the crust of our planet was rattled by an increasing number of major seismic events, social decay spread like wildfire, and America continued to become even more divided as a nation.

Let’s not take the mistakes, carnage, toxicity and abuse of this past year into 2019.

On New Year’s, Islamic terrorism is the guest of honor at the ball drop.

Modern-day Christians’ anxiousness to avoid offending Muslims could be the death of Christianity.

Fortunately, the liberty movement continues to grow. This movement counters the authoritarian lies with the truths of Austrian economics and the non-aggression principle. While the years ahead may be tough, if those of us who know the truth work hard to educate others, the cause of liberty can prevail.

If there was ever a time to become active and let your voice be heard, it is now.