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David Kirkpatrick at the New York Times is without a doubt the most deeply dishonest journalist working the Islamic beat today.

Banning skyscrapers, shoving wind turbines on every roof and shutting down all the power.

It’s difficult to say whether modern-day policing with its deep-seated corruption, immunity from accountability, and authoritarian approach to law enforcement attracts this kind of deviant behavior or cultivates it, but empowering police to view themselves as the best, or even the only, solution to the public’s problems, while failing to hold them accountable for misconduct, will only deepen the policing crisis that grows deadlier and more menacing by the day.

If society is honest and historically accurate, the only question that has any relevance to the gun control debate is this: “Do you trust those in government, now and forever in the future, to not take your life, liberty, or property through the force of government?”If the answer to that question is “No”, the gun control debate is over.

Russian gun rights activist and graduate exchange student Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison last week for “conspiracy to act as a foreign agent without registering.” Her “crime” was to work to make connections among American gun rights activists in hopes of building up her organization, the Right to Bear Arms, when she returned to Russia.

I realize that the vast majority of Christian conservatives will choose to totally ignore this column (just as they do most of my columns), but the stark reality is that under so-called Christian conservative presidents G.W. Bush and Donald J. Trump, America’s wars are way up, while church attendance is way down. And, yes, I absolutely believe there is a direct link between these two trends.

What we do at this time will determine the future of our grandchildren.  The eyes of history are watching.  Indict Hillary Clinton.

A political solution is not going to solve the problems that I have talked about in this article. What we really need is a spiritual revolution, and we need it as soon as possible.

The Bible clearly declares that the righteous Kings of old would rid their lands of the sodomites (Homosexuals), while in the present, those who want to be the king (Isaiah 14:14), literally, want to fill the land with sodomites.