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Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) is a terror-funded woman-beater, but you will see none of this in the enemedia, the propaganda arm of the hard-left. He has called Americanism and freedom an “ugly philosophy.” He has claimed that national borders create “an injustice.” The injustice is that a terrorist operative became not just a Congressman, but DNC deputy chair, gaining a national platform to spew and propagandize for the hijrah, and is now Minnesota’s Attorney General.

Tlaib’s statement here is part of the ongoing effort to rewrite early American history to put Muslims in it, and to recast Thomas Jefferson as an Islamophilic multiculturalist. Reality was different.

The White House also warned over the weekend that the shutdown standoff could extend into the new year, and Trump on Tuesday made clear he’s not planning to budge either.

Those that supported Trump in 2016 believed him when he promised that he would build a border wall. But in order to get one, Trump is going to have to defeat Chuck Schumer, and that is going to require a long and extended battle.

The move proves that both House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were both lying through their teeth when they sat in the Oval Office last week and declared to the nation that Trump did not have the votes in the House to pass a spending bill with $5 billion for border wall funding.

On Friday, it appears no one is closer to an agreement about funding the building of the wall, and President Trump has issued a warning that people need to buckle up for a “very long” government shutdown if things are not settled by midnight on Friday.

This is one of his major political promises.  If he doesn’t secure the funding now, he probably won’t secure it with Democrats in the new Congress.