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Traditional conservatives have likely noticed that Fox News is becoming more and more liberal these days. President Trump certainly has, and recently unloaded on Fox News via Twitter. Gary Franchi has the whole story in today’s Next News Network video: has more: President Trump is extremely displeased with Fox News. Let’s

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, don’t you just ‘love’ it when the U.S. Dept. of Education dreams up more ways in which to abuse our tax payer dollars? Would you believe Sec. DeVos has announced new rounds of competitive grants (those are your taxpayer dollars, by the way) for supposedly making schools safer?! Warriors, I’m not saying

An ISIS sympathizer on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Ilhan Omar asks judge for leniency on ISIS recruits. TOP-RANKING REPUBLICAN MCCAUL CALLS FOR OUSTER OF OMAR FROM COMMITTEE “I think Omar has to go,” said U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), eliciting wild applause and a standing ovation from the audience, though

When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s own daughter signals that some very important people could be implicated in the recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, people should take note of that. “This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our

Our founders were against a two-party system, but many Americans think that’s the best we can do.  In fact, some of them actually think it’s “American.”  Yet, nothing could be further from the truth and our founders warned us about the “greatest political evil” known as the two party system. 

As former Vice President Joe Biden attempts to rewrite the past by claiming that Russian meddling in elections wouldn’t have happened on his and the usurper’s watch, he forgets that it did happen on their watch, something he apparently forgot was part of his party’s and the media’s narrative. CNN’s

On the heels of a completely lawless call for Americans exercising their rights protected under the First Amendment to mock criminal and corrupt politicians to be prosecuted and “taken down,” Rep. Frederica Wilson engaged in blatant racist rhetoric in a tirade against those operating migrant detention centers in the US

Ilhan Omar’s racism obviously extends beyond Jews. Her utter contempt for people of different colors simply knows no bounds. She just called for the elimination of over 10,000 Latino workers. I wonder what her brother, who used to be her husband, thinks about this? It was probably his idea. Paul Joseph Watson reports:

My goodness, the people of Florida sure can pick ’em.  Rep. Fredricka Wilson (D-FL) recently went on a tirade about those who mock and make fun of members of Congress and said that not only should they be “shutdown,” but that they should be prosecuted for exercising their freedom of

If you go visit Japan, I guarantee that you won’t see a single person defecating on the sidewalk.  It just doesn’t happen over there, or in most other highly civilized nations on the planet.  But here in the United States, we have such a problem with human waste on our