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Catalina Lauf is just 26 and could soon represent a much-needed youth movement for Republicans in Congress, as well as become the youngest woman ever elected to congress. She does also not mince words when describing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Here’s more from our friends at Next News Network: “If there’s contrast there

Here again, we see the Trump administration treading into waters that neither it nor Congress is authorized to be in.  Yet, here they are talking about links between mental health and violent behavior, and they want to use your own technological electronics against you.  In fact, among the devices considered

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve often seen movies or read books which pose the question ‘What if everything you knew was based off a lie?’ How many fact-based researched articles, magazines, and, books have we read which totally alter what we were taught in school? For example, years ago, my mother gave

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, you may wonder what sap (that gooey stuff found in certain types of trees) has to do with education? Well, that kind of sap doesn’t, but there is a ‘sap’ which directly applies to education. If you’ve not heard about it, there’s a new magazine from SAP (Student Achievement Partners) have loads of

I guess Joe Biden is a part of the problem and a racist, right?  Well, of course, Biden is a racist.  The guy has fantasized about the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah being assassinated… come to think of it, perhaps he was actually counting on it and a little

Honestly, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is the only Democrat candidate with even a hint of common sense.  While there is much to disagree with her over constitutionally, she is a former soldier, with combat experience, who has stood against the actions of the Trump administration when it comes to war

This morning on my radio show, I dealt with the issue of Rep. Ilhan Omar, her crimes and the resolution from the Alabama GOP to constitutionally expel her from Congress.  Now, the National Legal and Policy Center has called on the Federal Election Commission to get involved concerning $250,000 to

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in my previous article, I laid out for you the importance of just how much we are losing by allowing repugnant and unconstitutional (therefore, illegal) laws to govern us, especially in education. In that article, you also were brought up to speed on some educratic bills which

Dr. Ralph Abraham is seeking to unseat John Bel Edwards as Governor of Louisiana. If he can’t do that, maybe he has a future as a comedian. You have to see this political ad. Here’s Josh: There are only 2 genders? This guy needs to run this commercial nationally, just so

On the heels of last month’s petition by Minnesota Rep. State Drazkowsky calling on the federal ethics to probe into the “serial career criminal” actions of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the Alabama GOP passed a resolution that called on the US Congress to expel her. The resolution was passed by