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Abubakar Osman, who states he is CAIR Minnesota’s Government Affairs Coordinator. Islamist Watch has discovered that Osman (also known as Sadiqq Abu Osman) wrote in a Facebook post in 2008: “i wish hitler was alive to fuck up the jewish ppl and add more jewish causalities to the 6 million he killed in the holocaust…”

While slicing the corporate tax rate was great for creating more jobs, Americans would have preferred to see a lot more than 2% put back in the paychecks. If Trump can pass a sizeable tax decrease for working Americans, he will all but seal his fate as a two-term president.

It isn’t just the retail industry that is heading for an “apocalypse”. Our entire economy is built on a foundation of sand, and a giant storm is rapidly approaching our shores.

Here is the latest update from Maxime Lépante, our French correspondent in France

The more ugly things Rep. Omar says, the more she becomes a standard bearer for the Left, and wins their support.

While a mom sat in the backseat of her own parked car breastfeeding her newborn, a cop walked up to her and wrote her a $115 ticket.

Warriors, use your prudence when looking at the other issues your candidate stands for. As we’ve seen from the Senators, the Representatives, the Vice President, and the Secretary, education connects to everything else.

While the world watched in horror at Paris’ historic Notre Dame Cathedral erupting in flames Monday, the fire is only the latest in a series of incidents that have left social media awash in images of heavily damaged churches.

The original intent of the framers of the Constitution and the intent of the American people when they voted for the 16th Amendment, then there is absolutely no constitutional authority for your wages or salaries to be taxed by Uncle Sam. None, nada, zilch, zip.