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The enemedia is in super-scrub mode to protect the worst of the worst. They will take a bullet for the jihad/leftwing cause destroying whatever credibility they might have had left. Read these remarkable passages from @AmyForliti of the @AP. She first writes that "one tax expert" says @IlhanMN is unlikely

With the Democrats desperately trying to rewrite voting laws to include felons and illegal aliens I thought it was time someone from our side got a little more rational. As much as these ideas may be unfair, unconstitutional and simply over-the-top, I feel that they are far less ridiculous than

To wish death upon those with no voice, when you were given the gift of life is certainly not Biblical and is most accurately PURE EVIL.

Maybe Trump should release his returns and maybe he shouldn’t, but the conservatives of America are waiting for him to say just two simple words: ‘Ladies First!’

“There’s only two ways to lose your citizenship: one is when a person voluntarily gives it up and two is when there’s some fraud or illegality in its procurement…” “The government’s key argument was that by linking up with al-Qaida between 2000 and 2003, Faris raised doubt that he was

Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The Google service’s effort to implement its new ban on Nazi content ran afoul of the error rate of trying to cope with these impossible numbers. The casualties included history teachers who had uploaded historical videos, activists documenting Neo-Nazi

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we know Pearson Publishing is one of the WORST companies to be involved in education. However, besides PP, there are other really bad education (or so they claim) companies out there as well. Today’s article is all about some of the CCSS Machine’s latest ads which are meant to pull you into

Cash for coup. Kick-backs for treason. The more that comes to light, the darker it gets. DOJ DOCUMENTS SHOW BRUCE OHR WAS GIVEN A $28,000 BONUS DURING RUSSIAGATE INVESTIGATION PLUS A RAISE Judicial Watch, JUNE 07, 2019 (Washington, DC) Judicial Watch today released documents from the U.S. Department of Justice in response to a

Because the Mesa police chief said cops shouldn’t beat up innocent people, nearly the entire department voted to remove him.