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Recently, we have been hearing about some well-known professing Christians leaving the faith. What causes a seemingly solid Christian to walk away from the faith? In some cases, it could be temporary discouragement. In others, it could be a result of burnout. We all need breaks. Even Jesus even took

It is very difficult to approach the subject of black and white crime without being labeled a bigot. So let me allow Norfolk, Virginia Police Chief Larry Boone (who happens to be a Black man) to describe the situation in his own city. The Virginia Mercury reports: Goodness knows, Chief

A New Jersey State Police spokesman said not a single large-capacity magazine has been turned in since the law went into effect nearly nine months ago. Residents can also bring them to their local police departments. Source Well done New Jersey gun owners! United We Stand! There are about 1

Superbia Credit Union will soon open as a funding source specializing in helping LGBTQ Americans financially afford purchases that other lending institutions will not finance… …like sex-change operations. The State of Michigan approved the charter on Monday. Here’s more from Forbes: Do lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people need a

Many Trump supporters are lost in a sea of biased social media and looking for safe ground. The Trump Team has announced the creation of an APP that will now give Trump supporters a way to stay in the loop. I believe our President would call this 3-D Chess. Business

We can now all breathe easier about Joe Biden’s bloody eye, but maybe we should start worrying more about his mental health, according to Dr. Marc Siegel. Here’s more from Gary Franchi at Next News Network: Damn contacts! I hate it when my contacts cause my eyes to bleed. Here’s more

A woman named Jessica Collins has emerged to claim that she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein and forced into sex with the likes of Joe Biden, Prince Andrew and John McCain. There is no way to confirm or deny her story, which supposedly started in 2002, so I will

Security teams for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft met with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence’s office to coordinate a strategy to “secure” the 2020 elections. And by “secure” they mean to manipulate the results of the election in any way possible to

In her controversial article entitled “It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges,” former ESPN host Jemele Hill – now a staff writer for the Atlantic – calls for elite black college athletes to leave predominantly white schools. Hill says black athletes help attract money and attention to “predominately white universities

Every time the Democrats whine about taking AR-15s, and other self-defense firearms, we need to show them stories like this. “Good guy with a gun” stories seldom, meaning NEVER, make the national news cycle. Why? Because that doesn’t fit the media’s gun confiscation agenda. reported back in July: SUMMERFIELD