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Let me warn you right up front – the information in this article might freak you out.  If what some experts are telling us is true, a global food crisis appears to be inevitable.  Even during good years, we have a really difficult time feeding everyone on the planet, and

Some people ask me why I worry about Facebook and Twitter, or why I even bother with those sites. After all, I am suspended from Facebook almost constantly (120 of the last 135 days) and Twitter has started suspending me as well. My response is this: “I am doing all

Germany, as much of Europe, is in big trouble. Muslims are taking over and pushing their evil ideologies on a once great continent. Women in Islam are, at best, 2nd class citizens and at worst… simple possessions. They are beat when they don’t obey their husbands and raped at will.

A cautionary tale for non-Muslim women who might consider dating someone raised in the Islamic faith. He broke his wife’s neck and ribs, and choked her to death as their three children slept. Like all honor killing victims, a summary a long history of verbal, emotional and physical abuse .

There is no doubt the united States should cease its membership in the United Nations, cease its funding, and kick its proverbial backside out of our country. These actions are sound and reasonable because the UN is working to be the global government of every country on earth. This is

Today 84% of the population in Georgia practices Orthodox Christianity, primarily the Georgian Orthodox Church. Of these, around 2% follow the Russian Orthodox Church, around 5.9% (almost all of whom are ethnic Armenians) follow the Armenian Apostolic Church and 0.8% are Catholics and are mainly found in the south of Georgia but with a small number in its capital, Tbilisi. –WIKIPEDIA

We could be on the verge of the most cataclysmic war that the Middle East has ever seen.  As you will see below, we are being told that there will be a “measured” U.S. response to the downing of a U.S. Navy drone by Iranian forces.  In other words, we

Watch this video while it is still there. We all know that YouTube will pull it down when at some point. The video was posted on Reddit originally, in the sub-Reddit “Conservative” and pulled approximately 24 hours after being posted. This just proves, once again, that on Reddit, there is

And this is what President Donald Trump, along with the usurper of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, advocates as something to be proud of, homosexuality.  While not all those who engage in homosexuality do this, what they are doing is a crime against nature, but it is

Since President Trump announced that an agreement with Mexico had been reached for Mexico to enforce its southern border security in an effort to help the US stop the illegal alien invasion of the US, Mexico’s equivalent to the Speaker of the House declared that his country will not be