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He was convicted of being an accessory to over 3,000 murders. If he had been a “right-wing extremist,” would he have been released early?

Critical decisions are being made right now that are going to greatly alter our future, and let us hope that cooler heads prevail.

“I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub, nor will I shoot myself in the head. So, if that happens, IT WASN’T ME. Save this tweet,” she wrote.

The transport company UPS no longer runs packages in Rosengård in Malmö, for security reasons. Postnord does not deliver packages to another area in Malmö, Seved.

The truth is that the Russians now have the strategic advantage, and most Americans have no idea that things have shifted so dramatically.

Donald Trump is now surrounded by extremely hawkish advisers that are very eager to do something about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and if Trump decides to pull the trigger it is likely that the vast majority of his supporters will fully back the decision.

Ultimately, resistance to jihad angers Muslims and thus creates more jihadis, so what Sara Khan is really counseling here is that Britain should simply surrender and adopt Sharia, and then all will be well.

Egypt kicking David Kirkpatrick to the curb results in media outrage. The media endorsing Jihadists who call for another Holocaust is fine with the media.

Last year, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s government in Austria decided to shut seven mosques and expel tens of imams as part of a crackdown on “political Islam”.

Medicare for All’s proponents say single-payer delivers high-quality, free care to all. Britons idling on wait lists, unable to secure the care they need, would surely beg to differ.