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Clinton 2.0: Biden Loosens Rules Regarding Tech Export To Chinese Communist Firms

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Remember when former President Bill Clinton advanced Chinese technology ahead by at least a decade by allowing our technology to be stolen by the Chinese?  While his impeachment was about lying under oath, it was also a smokescreen for his treasonous actions.  Now, the illegitimate man in the White House has loosened tech export rules with regard to Chinese Communist firms only

The National Pulse has the story.

The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) issued a revision to a Trump-era Export Administration Regulations (EAR) newly authorizing the release of certain technology and software for the alleged purpose of “standards setting and development in standards organizations.”


The move, which applies to firms that have been blacklisted by the U.S. government, was advertised as addressing confusion over whether American companies need a license to share “low-level”technology with sanctioned parties.

Notably, Huawei Technologies Co. – which was included in the original export ban, as telecommunications firm has extensive links to the Chinese Communist Party – will now be able to receive certain technologies from American companies.

Labeled a “national security threat” by the Trump administration and a decades-long Chinese military collaborator by the U.S. Department of Defense, Huawei routinely provides the regime backdoor access to its products, networks, and devices.

The State Department has also emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party uses Huawei as an “instrument not only for making money but also for pursuing the Party-State’s agenda and fulfilling its strategic objectives […] deeply enmeshed in Beijing’s system of oppression at home and its increasingly assertive strategic ambitions globally.”

The news comes after months of wrangling by Huawei lobbyists, those of whom include leading anti-Trump and pro-Biden individuals, such as Trump impeachment support Stephen Binhak, and the brothers of both Biden advisor Steve Richetti and newly minted Biden climate czar John Podesta.

Indeed, Reuters reported earlier in 2022 that the Chinese Communist-linked firm had paid Podesta’s brother Tony a whopping $1 million to represent the firm’s interests with the Biden White House.


2021: Huawei hires Tony Podesta.

September 2nd: White House announces John Podesta hire.

September 8th: Biden admin rescinds restrictions on Huawei.

Huawei is also listed as a partner firm of the World Economic Forum.

Of course, the BIS tried to play things down.  Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration Thea D. Rozman Kendler said, “International standards serve as the building blocks for product development and help ensure the functionality, interoperability, and safety of products.  Today’s rule continues to prevent technology transfers that harm our national security while ensuring that U.S. companies fully participate and lead in standards development. In addition to consulting with our interagency partners to craft this rule, I want to especially thank the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for sharing their expertise.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the Bureau of Industry and Security added:

Today’s rule is consistent with public comments received from the June 2020 interim final rule, specifically that additional actions are needed to protect U.S. technology without discouraging
the full participation of U.S. companies in international standards development efforts. The rule amends the EAR to authorize the release of certain technology and software subject to the EAR
to entities on the Entity List without a license when that release occurs in a standards-related activity with the intent that the resulting standard will be “published.” The requirement that the
standard be published undermines any risk of unwanted transfer of proprietary technology.

The rule also revises the terms used in the EAR to describe the actions permissible under the authorization. As a result of today’s interim final rule, the release of EAR99 and Anti-Terrorism
(AT) only controlled “software” and “technology” as well as certain “software” and “technology” for specified cryptographic functionality are included in the scope of the authorization. Today’s rule also defines the term “standards related activity” to describe the actions permissible under the authorization. Lastly, today’s rule amends the scope of the authorization to apply to all entities listed in the Entity List. The rule only addresses Entity List related licensing requirements and other export controls may apply and require authorization from BIS. BIS is seeking public comments on the impact of these additional controls on participation in standards-related activity.

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