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Obama’s CIA Director’s Intel Report is “Made Up” & “Phony”

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Outgoing CIA Director John Brennan unloaded a pool of bilge recently while being interviewed for CNN on the Obama administration’s Middle East policy; a “damage control debriefing,” so to speak, for one of the shamelessly complicit establishment press networks that have parroted the administration’s talking points as news for the past eight years.

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Brennan attempted to pass off the 2010-11 Arab Spring and the subsequent rise of ISIS and empowerment of al-Qaeda and other militant Muslim Brotherhood splinter groups on the administration’s “misunderstanding” of cultural dynamics in the region.

“I think there were very, very unrealistic expectations in Washington, including in some parts of the administration, that the Arab Spring was going to push out these authoritarian regimes and democracy is going to flourish because that’s what people want. …[D]emocracy is something that really is not ingrained in a lot of the people and the cultures and the countries out there.”  —  CIA Director John Brennan

Such statements foster incredulity with good reason: Considering that Brennan himself spent years stationed in the Middle East (some analysts suspect that he is actually a closeted Muslim engaging in the deceptive Islamic practice of taqiyya in cloaking this aspect of his life), and that his boss, Barack Hussein Obama (whom some suspect is also a closeted Muslim), is deeply familiar with Islam, they border on the preposterous. Even the most politically unengaged among Americans are generally aware that the decades of US intervention in Third World politics – particularly in the Middle East, where Islam in preeminent – have done little to make Western-style democratic processes attractive to Islamic societies.Referencing the 2003 invasion of Iraq – which of course did not occur on Obama’s watch – Brennan said that this was “the reason why there was the tremendous slide into violence and bloodshed in that part of the world.” He made no mention of Obama having catalyzed the Arab Spring in the first place via his dispatch of seasoned agitators to the region in 2009, his financing, training, and arming of ISIS, or his having funneled billions of dollars in cash and weapons to Islamists.

Brennan’s whitewash, as it were, was simply boilerplate propaganda for the leftist base, sufficiently-brainwashed news consumers, and those who remain ignorant of the administration’s objectives to irrevocably compromise America’s foreign policy – as well as her national security, domestic tranquility, economy, and so on.

At a January 11 press conference, President-Elect Trump conducted what will no doubt go down as an historic schooling of the press corps when he blasted news organizations – namely CNN – for disseminating propaganda (read “Obama administration talking points”). Pointing to a particularly irresponsible release of allegations by the online publication Buzzfeed and CNN regarding sensitive information which Russia allegedly had involving Trump, and which those outlets speculated were leaked by federal officials, Trump called the actions “an absolute disgrace.”

On January 12, Trump confirmed that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper spoke to him by phone and affirmed that this information had not been leaked by any U.S. intelligence agency. Whether one can take Clapper’s word with any confidence or reliability is another matter entirely.

More damage control, perhaps? Well, it’s more likely than not given the character of the Obama administration and the fact that it spearheaded the release of wholly unsubstantiated reports that Russia hacked the November election to bring about an outcome favorable to Trump in the first place that U.S. intelligence operatives did indeed leak the allegations in question to news agencies which, in their characteristic craven complicity, reported them as news.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom regarding politics, quite often things are far less complicated than politicians would have us believe.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

Tim Brown

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