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Political Prisoner Jerry DeLemus Speaks Out On “Issues That Put Me Here In Prison”

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Political prisoner Jerry DeLemus, who was sentenced to seven years for his support of the Bundy Ranch protest in Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014, has penned a letter to speak out on some of the issues that he says “put me here in prison” even as his wife Sue runs for Congress in New Hampshire.

DeLemus wasn’t even at the Bundy Ranch and yet, the crooked prosecution intimidated him into a plea deal because he believed they were not going to deal fairly with him and he was facing far more than 7 years in prison.  He was arrested in early 2016 and was also co-chair of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire.

Sue Delemus posted a letter from her husband on her Facebook page on Friday in which he stated, “I thought it a good idea to speak about some of the issues that put me here in prison.”

From: DELEMUS, GERALD Oct 19, 2018 9:20 AMMy positionI thought it a good idea to speak about some of the issues…

Posted by Susan DeLemus on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The following is Mr. DeLemus’ letter.  In the end, he said, despite facing injustice, “It was worth the stand.”

My position

I thought it a good idea to speak about some of the issues that put me here in prison.

Interestingly enough on the original indictment, which was actually factually wrong about me in many of their accusations, I was the last name on that indictment. The indictment had the Bundys and others listed and then a huge blank space of several lines of names that were obviously not charged and then my name. Me being the only person charged in the case who was not present on April 12, 2014 in Bunkerville Nevada.

I’ve thought much about this and I know that my politics have angered many a democrat and liberal due to my outspoken nature. For that matter I have probably angered plenty of republicans for calling them out on their failure to follow the Constitution or do what they campaigned on. I also wondered about the suicide of a dear friend Kenny, I know the FBI was creeping around as I had plenty of word on their appearances to people who knew me. I’ve wondered if the FBI did their normal intimidation/threatening to get Kenny to say something about me. I know Kenny, he was a decent man and a friend that I loved and I do believe he would have chosen death rather than to bear false witness against me. He was that kind of man. The FBI threatened to indict another friend of mine unless he went before a grand jury while I was imprisoned in Pahrump Nevada. This person had no information to share that wasn’t public and he certainly knew I didn’t break any laws. His problem was his health, he has cancer and is on a special diet and if he had been incarcerated in Pahrump he would have either died or became ill again. His special diet has curbed his cancer and the FBI knew it, they also knew what I would do if I was aware they were threatening to indict him.

I recieved my plea agreement within a day or so of my friend telling my wife Susan that he may be indicted and it could kill him. I thought I was going to have a detention hearing but my attorney at the time brought me the plea agreement. I know that the FBI agent on my case back in New Hampshire knew me, as he told Susan and I he had studied me. My point being, he knew full well I would sign the plea to keep my friend out of harms way. This is what the FBI does they squeeze and pressure innocent people to bend to their pressure, for me it was the only choice. I told my attorney when he presented the plea agreement he and Myhre (the lead US attorney on the case) had cooked up that they were asking me to perjure myself and they both knew it. I told my then attorney that they were “conspiring” to get me to lie to save my friend. I asked my attorney if the FBI would leave my friend(s) in New Hampshire alone if I signed the plea and he “nodded” yes. There was no mistaking his “nod” and he knew clearly what I was asking. Anyone who knows me knows I try to be clear about what is say.

At my “change of plea hearing” I asked Judge Navarro if I signed the plea agreement knowing that the information on it was not true would I be comitting perjury? If she had said yes I would not have signed it but she gave some explanation about if it’s raining outside which she used to not answer the question. I knew right then that justice would not be served in her court.

Justice hadn’t been served in her court in our previous hearings and after that explanation I knew it wouldn’t be. The prosecution had been ordered to release their “discovery” which is the evidence they have gathered on the case regarding those charged; they were given 2 weeks to provide it to the accused and their counsel. I never received all of my discovery and much of the pertinent evidence (discovery) was hidden by the BLM, the FBI and the prosecution. This is what former lead BLM investigator Wooten was talking about when he release his “whistleblower” letter.

Mr. Wooten’s letter revealed the corrupt actions of the government in our case and caused 2 of the trials to be thrown out as mistrials with “prejudice” by Judge Navarro. I believe that Judge Navarro was covering her own rear as the lead US attorney Myhre had already been demoted by an investigator sent by the DOJ under now President Trump.

There are still 3 of us imprisoned on this case and a few more that suffered convictions and/or “time served” for things they never did or were justified in their actions. Myhre still gets a paycheck and those of us still imprisoned just wait for justice to come around to us. It’s been a long wait and we aren’t sure it will arrive.

There is a time for Americans to stand up for their rights and especially for the right to not be killed. That was our concern in Nevada, the information the government hid was about the sniper teams aiming rifles at the Bundy family.

It was worth the stand.

Semper Fi,

Earlier this year, there was some hope that DeLemus might be released from prison after Judge Navarro dismissed the case against the Bundys because of the prosecution’s violations of the law.  So far, all we’ve heard are crickets.

Here’s my question, President Trump, you know that what was done to the Bundys, the Hammonds and those who supported them was utterly wrong and unjust, and yet you pardoned the Hammonds, but why have you not intervened for this man who supported your presidency and you know that he has done nothing wrong?

It is a slap in the face of this man and to freedom loving Americans to promise to investigate and prosecute a criminal like Hillary Clinton, whom you then reversed your position on after the election and say we owed her a debt of gratitude and she was “good people,” and yet, ignore this man’s plight.  Why is President Trump not issuing a pardon for Mr. DeLemus?  Why?  He needs to be asked this at his next press conference.

While Jerry certainly believes in what he stood for, there seems to be a disconnect in the Trump administration about continuing injustice towards political prisoners under his watch and failing to bring justice to actual criminal politicians.

God bless you, Jerry! #FreeJerryDeLemus

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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