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The History Voters Have Seen Will Determine Election’s Outcome

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In these last days before the general election – one which some fear may be the last election we have as a free and united republic – I’d like to examine the political lay of the land, as it were, as well as continuing my ongoing assessment of the character of those on the political left and how this could play into how the election unfolds.

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In the run-up to the general election of 2008, some of us did our level best to prevent the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency, primarily because we saw him as the harbinger of “democratic socialism,” or more accurately, one who would normalize radical, anti-American thought whilst cementing deep state interests and infrastructure.

Obviously, we weren’t successful, and Obama succeeded at accomplishing what we feared. Many of the deluded young people who are engaging in violence in our cities at present came of age during the Obama years. Between the existing prevalence of leftist thought amongst educators and the shot in the arm Obama and his surrogates gave radical leftism, it should be no surprise that so many are participating in orchestrated demonstrations on the pretext of combating “systemic racism.”

Judging from the existing data on early and mail-in ballots, it is clear that a lot of voters think this election is very important. During Obama’s two terms, many of these voters were unable to clearly see the damage their president was doing, because much of it was the aforementioned behind-the-scenes deep state infrastructure-building. In 2016, Donald Trump ran on dismantling the deep state. When he won – which the Washington establishment did not expect – they became irrationally fearful, careless and reactive.

As we’ve seen, the resulting push-back from the left has been unprecedented, giving rise to actions that have been nearly impossible to ignore. However, due to the maneuvering of sundry politicos, the bias of the establishment press and increasingly questionable polling in recent years, it has become difficult to gauge the temperament of the electorate.

Thus, I believe it would be worthwhile to examine what voters have actually experienced since President Trump took office.

Since January 2017, voters have seen an attempted coup on the part of congressional Democrats in the form of their impeachment proceedings against the president. They’ve seen congressional Democrats continue to proffer the narrative of Russian collusion despite all evidence to the contrary, as well as mounting evidence that documents used in the investigation and subsequent impeachment of the president were advanced by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama White House.

Erik Rush

Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist, author and speaker who writes sociopolitical commentary, and host of the FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! streaming radio show. He is also the Founder and Chief Editor of the Instigator News Network. In February of 2007, Erik was the first to break the story of Barack Obama’s ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level. His book, "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal ~ America's Racial Obsession," has been called "the definitive book on race politics in America."
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