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14 Top Herbs & Minerals That Prevent & Aid In Recovery From Brain Disease, Memory Loss & Brain Fog

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In today’s fast paced world, often people forget things.  Is it just being so busy and having a lot going on that is adding to memory loss and brain fog, as well as dementia and other brain diseases?  I think not.  Most has to do with what we consume into our bodies.  However, there are ways to prevent many issues with the brain and there is hope to recover from those diseases.

In a free eBook titled Top 14 Herbs & Minerals To Boost Your Brain, investigative journalist Jonathan Otto presents the results of hundreds of hours of studies on natural medicine and brain health.

A Team of Researchers Just Created This Scientifically-Proven Guide to Preventing and Recovering from Brain Disease, Memory Loss and Brain Fog

So, what will you learn in this free eBook?

Natural medicine has been used to heal people for millennia, across civilisations.

It is no wonder that some of these ancient healing secrets are targeted to treat our brain, the hugely complex mechanism that makes us function.

Science has discovered that there are many herbs and minerals we can use for our brain.

If you suffer from memory loss and brain fog or, if you want to prevent and reverse degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, please download this eBook to discover how to take care of your brain naturally.

Once you download this free eBook, you also get a FREE pass to the groundbreaking 10-episode docu-series Natural Medicine Secrets.

Featuring over 9 hours of exclusive new content about healing plants, spices, supplements, and vitamins, the Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series uncovers the best natural remedies and dietary choices that helps you prevent and recover from chronic disease using natural compounds instead of synthetic and potentially dangerous medicines.

Natural Medicine Secrets features over 55 world-leading doctors and scientists that shed light into the fascinating field of medical research. They reveal cutting-edge healing information for anyone who wants to live longer, healthier, and happier.

The ten-part series features these incredibly informative episodes with commentary from Dr. Cathleen Gerenger, Dr. Michael Greger, Liana Werner-Gray, Dr. Michelle Sands, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Sayer Ji, Fran Drescher and lots, lots more!

Episode 1

EPISODE 01: Can Natural Medicines Really Reverse Disease?

In this opening episode for our 9-episode Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series, hear incredible testimonies from patients who have overcome cancer, and others who have eliminated chronic pain —by using natural remedies that you may have never considered.

Learn more about chronic disease prevention, treatment and reversal and other  natural ways to achieve optimal health for your body. Too often, we feel trapped by our symptoms, circumstances, lack of money, or dependency upon prescription medications.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

NMS Episode 2

EPISODE 02: Stress & Anxiety – The Cortisol Connection – Adrenals/Fatigue/Blood Sugar

Episode 3

EPISODE 03: Mental Clarity/Brain Health – How To Feel Young Again Mentally & Physically

Episode 4

EPISODE 04: Hormones & Fertility, Thyroid

Episode 5

EPISODE 05: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways: The Gut

Episode 6

EPISODE 06: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways

NMS Episode 7

EPISODE 07: Chronic Serious Illness: Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Cancer

Episode 8

EPISODE 08: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Stroke

Episode 9

EPISODE 09: Triggers For Disease – What’s Really Making You Sick?

NMS Episode 10

BONUS EPISODE 10: Big Pharma & Government Corruption

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