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28-Year-Old Arizona Mom Accused of Filming Sexual Abuse of Her Children to Sell on Internet

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A 28-year-old Arizona mother of two has been arrested and accused of filming the molestation of her children with plans to sell the footage on the internet.

Keri Harwood, service writer who works at Earnhardt Hyundai, a Phoenix car dealership, is accused of molesting two children, ages 6 and younger, multiple times in the bathroom of her New River home.

She is also accused of selling that video footage over the internet.

Fox 5 reports:

Harwood allegedly gave her Pokemon Go account login information to a friend because she couldn’t play the game herself due to a bad cellphone connection.

Harwood’s friend then saw two videos of the alleged incidents that were in her Gmail account, which he was granted access to via her Pokemon Go account information.

In the videos, the children were being sexually abused by what is believed to be a woman, according to court documents.

In addition to the videos, Harwood’s friend observed separate PayPal transactions in Harwood’s Gmail account for $50, $101 and $115.

Harwood admitted to police that she did sexually molest her own children on five occasions as they searched her home on August 13

According to police, she met the man online and engaged in sexually explicit videos with him of herself on Snapchat for money.

The man then requested that she send him videos performing sex acts on her children, which she did.

She sent the man five or six videos because, in her words, she “needed the money.”

The woman would molest the children in the bathroom while her husband was away at work.

Harwood was paid between $500-600 over the last few months for the videos.

Court documents and Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone say his office began investigating after receiving a tip from a friend of Harwood who discovered the videos after Harwood gave the friend access to her email account so he could help her play the Pokemon Go video game, according to AZ Central.

“He did a little bit of his own detective work,” Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone told 12 News. “I commend him. I really do and I’m thankful he came forward.”

“Now complete strangers on the opposite side of the world will pay to see a product such as this which is so disgusting and offensive and a child is victimized,” Penzone added.

According to Heavy, Harwood is an avid photographer and against gun control.

Harwood maintained a Flickr page showing her flair for photography. On that page, Harwood posts images of her photos as well as a meme alleging that Adolf Hitler was against gun control, a common refrain of pro gun activists. Under the photo, Harwood wrote, “Gun control haha.”

Pinterest page in Harwood’s name shows her interests ranges from baby clothes to household items to celebrity hairstyles.

That profile gives Harwood’s location as Glendale, Arizona. Harwood’s now-deleted Facebook page said that she was from Glendale.

Harwood remained jailed Wednesday in lieu of $150,000 bond.

She faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and five counts of molestation of a child.

There is no word from police on whether or not Mrs. Harwood will face any child pornography charges.

Seriously, she was so hard up for $500-600 over the last few months that she committed this kind of crime against her own children, not to mention the adultery she engaged in with the man on Snapchat?

Again, this is a capital crime.  She should be facing the fullest punishment available.

No loving mother would ever do this to her children or husband.

On another note, are authorities working with those in another country to deal with the man that was requesting and paying for these crimes?  I’m not seeing any information on that, but if readers come across information, I’ll be glad to update the article.

Tim Brown

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