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Americans Flood Beaches On Memorial Day Weekend – Ignore Social Distancing

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This should have never been discouraged nor is there a shred of constitutional authority to have enforced businesses to close or beaches to be closed or social distancing rules.  People are waking up to the planned-scamdemic that they have been subjected to and are declaring their freedom to move about without a mask and rub elbows with their neighbors and strangers alike who love liberty.  This Memorial Day weekend, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people flooded America’s beaches and most weren’t interested in social distancing.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has the story.

After months of quarantine, Americans are finally breaking free from their homes this Memorial Day weekend, despite the potential consequences of sparking a second coronavirus wave. The battle between staying sane while cooped up in a home for months versus the ongoing pandemic is a challenging situation to balance. While some are venturing outside in absolute horror, others are putting their party face on and disregarding local public health orders.

Thousands of vacationers, few with masks and ignoring social distancing rules, flocked to Ocean City, Maryland for Memorial Day weekend. This comes as COVID-19 cases in the state topped 45,000, with the number of people hospitalized leveling off in the past several weeks. 


Maryland COVID-19 Cases 

On Saturday, WJZ-TV’s Mike Hellgren documented dense crowds wandering the boardwalk, many of whom were wearing no masks nor had any intention of staying six feet apart from one another. 

Reuters snapped a picture, also showing large crowds packed on the lower end of the boardwalk — very few people were wearing masks. 

Ocean City, Maryland Boardwalk. h/t Reuters 

Like we noted in “Hawaii Arrests ‘Rogue Tourists’ In COVID Contagion Crackdown,” some Ocean City residents have become upset that vacationers are invading their town this holiday season with a complete disregard to local public health orders. 

Here’s what one local tweeted: Jennifer Parker: “I live in Ocean City, MD. I haven’t left my home in nine weeks other than grocery shopping, and these people flock down here without a care in the world. Shocking!”

Last week, we showed how one bar in the beach town was gearing up for when restaurants and bars reopen. They ordered a bunch of social distancing bumper tables for patrons. 

Social Distancing Bumper Tables at Fish Tales in Ocean City, Maryland

And according to some on Twitter, Ocean City, Maryland wasn’t the only vacation area packed with people ignoring social distancing. Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri was very crowded as well. 

Ocean City, Maryland (left); Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri (right) 

No mask, no problem, party time in the Ozarks

Officials in Daytona Beach, Florida, fully reopened the town for Memorial Day weekend and it was a complete madhouse on Saturday. Police released helicopter footage of the party scene. 

Another video showed hundreds of people in the street, while a man on top of a car throws money into the crowd. 

Fights broke out on the actual beach.


As for other crowded beaches, here’s a live shot of Carolina Beach, North Carolina. 

Live shot of no social distancing at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Over the weekend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at Jones Beach on Long Island, a popular beach for people in the Tri-state area, opened about 50% capacity for Memorial Day weekend, to emphasize the progress New York has made since flattening the pandemic curve as it inches towards reopening. Though as America tip-toes towards a return to normal, it’s becoming even clearer that a V-shaped recovery will not be seen, after one of the worst economic slumps since the 1930s could leave the economy permanently damaged.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo presser at Jones Beach. h/t NBC News

Reuters notes as America reopens, eleven states in the last week have reported a “record number of new coronavirus cases.” 

The US economy is showing some signs of life but nothing suggests a V-shaped recovery in the back half of the year.

While Americans flock to beach towns this weekend, with many ignoring social distancing rules as they attempt to relive a pre-corona world, the ongoing pandemic continues to claims lives, now tallying nearly 100,000 US deaths, with the bulk of new case growth now emerging outside of the top 15 metro areas.

And as so much of the work by first responders and hospital workers to mitigate the spread of the virus in wave one is tossed out, the risk of a second pandemic wave grows by the day.

Clearly some people had a serious problem with people simply choosing to live their lives rather than cower in fear from government and media propaganda.

It’s good to see!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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