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Appellate Court To Hear Grand Jury Witness Regarding Lawsuit Against Robert Mueller

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A federal appeals court has announced that it will be hearing oral arguments on December 14 regarding a lawsuit filed against Special Counsel Robert Mueller by an unidentified grand jury witness.

Fox News reports:

Much of the detail in the case remains under seal, and there has been intense speculation in the legal and political communities over the identity of the mystery appellant.

Speculation in some media was that President Trump himself had filed the lawsuit back in August, but his attorney denied it.

The suit could be related to a possible subpoena for the witness to appear before the federal grand jury empaneled by Mueller, who is looking into a range of issues, including the extent of Russia interference in the 2016 election.

This case is not related to the appeal by Andrew Miller, a former associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone, who is resisting a Mueller subpoena. Miller’s case was argued Nov. 8 before the same D.C.-based appeals court.

The three-judge panel hearing the mystery case includes those appointed by Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

OK, so it’s not President Trump.  It’s not Andrew Miller.  Presumably, it is not Jerome Corsi even though he has threatened to file a criminal complaint against Mueller.

So, who is it?  Well, it’s speculation at this point on anyone’s part.

We know there is a formal criminal complaint of treason against Mueller that has been made by to the Justice Department by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, retired US Navy Commander, which was issued in July 2017.  Fitzpatrick not only has accused Mueller of being a “threat to national security,” but also engaging in a “treasonous agenda… to take down President Trump.”

Fitzpatrick also claims that Meller is “one leader of a criminal racket actively engaged in aggressive attempts to unconstitutionally overthrow a sitting president.”

This is not Fitzpatrick’s first rodeo either.  He also named Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah in the commission of treason on March 17, 2009, and Mr. Fitzpatrick made this write aware of an investigation into the alleged framing of a US veteran on fabricated gun charges by Mueller and the FBI in 2010.  That investigation is ongoing now per documents received from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

So far, I’ve not heard of a grand jury being convened in that matter just yet.

So, who is this grand jury witness and what will the complaint reference?  I’m sure the news will probably drop right in the middle of the holidays when no one is paying attention.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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