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Author Calls for the Revoking of Citizenship of Naturalized Muslims

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It was a busy weekend for miscreant Islamist scum operating under the imprimatur of the international socialist-Islamist axis within America. On Saturday, Ahmad Khan Rahami, a New Jersey resident and naturalized immigrant from Afghanistan, detonated multiple bombs in New York and New Jersey. No one was killed, but nearly 30 people were injured. Rahami was apprehended three days later in Linden, New Jersey, after a gun battle with police.

Also on Saturday, 22-year-old Dahir Adan, a Somali Muslim who had been living in the United States for the past 15 years, stabbed nine people at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. According to St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson, Adan –who was disguised as a security guard at the time of the attacks – “reportedly made references to Allah during the attack and asked at least one person whether they were Muslim.” Dahir was killed by police at the scene.

According to the New York Times, Rahami, the man arrested for the New York and New Jersey bombings, became a “completely different person” after a trip to Afghanistan, when it is presumed he became “radicalized,” a term used by the press and politicos to describe a Muslim who crosses that obscure line from Islamic to militant Islamist. It has also been reported that Rahami made several other trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan without being detected by the U.S. government. Rahami’s father, Mohammed Rahami, told the press this week that he had reported his son to the FBI as a potential terrorist in 2014, but the agency took no action.

While the Rahami and Adan stories have received wide press coverage, of course we are still being subjected to the usual spin and politically correct propaganda from the press and politicians, which deftly avoids the motive attendant to these attacks – this being that the perpetrators were Muslims and were acting based on Islamic doctrine.

At this point, we’ve now seen several high-profile acts of domestic terrorism perpetrated by Muslims wherein communities and law enforcement agencies were previously made aware of the danger posed by these individuals. In all of these cases, nothing was done to mitigate the potential danger.

In the case of federal law enforcement, to some extent it stands to reason that organizations such as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security might be less motivated to counter these threats, since these are under the control of the Obama administration, whose agenda includes destabilizing America through an influx of potentially violent Muslims and the establishment of insular Muslim communities. In a speech to the United Nations this week, our bath house refugee-playing statesman president, Barack Hussein Obama, defended increasing globalization and condemned the populist nationalism that has been growing in the West in direct response to the actions of murderous Muslim émigrés and refugees.

This deportment, which has included the Obama administration illegally facilitating the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims from unstable, culturally bankrupt Islamic nations, has also given rise to such debacles as the 858 people who, according to a new Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s report, were “mistakenly” granted citizenship due to a failure of the federal government’s fingerprint records system, despite having been ordered deported. This is eerily reminiscent of the jihadi training camps known to exist across the continental U.S., but which law enforcement is prohibited from engaging because the Islamist groups operating them somewhat conveniently did not make it onto the federal government’s official list of terrorist organizations.

Tragically, this international socialist-Islamist axis of Western elites even includes powerful religious leaders such as Pope Francis, who regularly condemns “hateful acts of terrorism” with one breath while admonishing Europeans to “welcome refugees into your homes and communities” (the same refugees who are rioting and raping their way across that continent) with the next.

With regard to the United States, this is a component of the agenda calculated to render America irrelevant as a nation of influence on the world stage. The Islamists seek global supremacy for their foul doctrine, while the socialists harbor attitudes varying from those which hold that the concept of nations itself is outmoded, to those which characterize the U.S. as last among the old-school imperialist oppressor nations that must be dismantled. A chief stratagem of the latter is of course the idea that racism practiced by those of northern European descent has been the greatest evil of the last thousand years.

It’s a pretty safe bet that the conservative establishment press will have no interest in that upon which your humble commentator has to say regarding these matters from this point forward, since I would start with a moratorium on Muslim immigration and the summary expulsion of each and every Muslim foreign national in the United States. I would also revoke the citizenship of each and every naturalized Muslim American and deport them to their native countries, save for giving them the opportunity to renounce Islam in order to escape this fate. These people, as well as the second and third-generation descendants of Muslim émigrés, could count on ongoing surveillance to ensure their sincerity.

Here, obviously, I am dispensing with the subverted notions of constitutionality popularly advanced by the left, as well as political correctness and cultural relativism. Islam is not a religion, nor should it be considered such under law; it is a retrograde system ascribed to by barbarians whose company I would typically pass on in favor of an afternoon cavorting with a troupe of lower primates.

Erik Rush’s book on race is bold, daring and needed — now more than ever: “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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