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Kurt Nimmo has blogged on political issues since 2002. In 2008, he worked as lead editor and writer at Infowars, and is currently a content producer for Newsbud. His book Another Day In The Empire is available from Amazon.

We can for now be thankful Trump didn’t kill people and blow things up in Iran yesterday. Even so, the fact he went full-throttle, and then backed off is worrisome. It’s been obvious for some time now the president is in the middle of a tug of war between those

After a tsunami of skepticism swept over the media following the Pentagon’s release of a dubious video supposedly showing Iranians removing a mine from the hull of a tanker, the generals followed up with a color version of basically the same video. Like the first video, the second color video

Buried in their hubris and a false sense of superiority, the global elite actually believes they can roll over Russia and reduce it to a neoliberal vassal state. This illusion may soon result in war and the destruction of civilization. On Saturday, The New York Times reported the US Cyber Command

Remember this from a few days ago? #BREAKING: North Korea envoy was executed over failed Trump-Kim summit: report — The Hill (@thehill) May 30, 2019 Three days later, the truth came out—Kim Yong Col wasn’t executed. In fact, he was spotted with his supposed executioner, Kim Jong-un, at

If Karen Kwiatkowski and her sources are correct about the chemical torture of Assange, Britain is in violation of the 1998 Human Rights Act under article three of the European convention on human rights. Because of this legality, it is my opinion the CIA decided to reduce Assange to a mental and physical wreck as a form of punishment and also to send a message to the world that exposing the United States government for its long-term psychopathic behavior and crimes against humanity will not be tolerated.

Mike Pence’s speech gave us a preview of things to come. He expects the US to take on Israel’s enemies, never mind the cost in life and treasure.

The CIA long ago made sure the corporate media is a welcoming conduit for endless propaganda, lies, misleading simplification, and scary fairy tales taken in by a gullible and intellectually lazy public.