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Laura Loomer

Laura is an investigative journalist in the US. All those she calls out and questions are referred to as those who have been "Loomered." Her aggressive style and questioning what is really going on in our country and pointing out the corruption of politicians has earned her the title "The Most Banned Woman In The World," as she has been banned from every major social media platform, declared dangerous and even cut off from the ability to raise funds for herself. But she marches on! Visit her at

Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has repeatedly been photographed alongside supporters who have praised jihadist terrorists. The Democratic lawmaker insists she is completely unaware that the men she can be seen smiling with in photos on several occasions publicly condone Islamic terrorism. But a photo of Tlaib with a man

More than 100 tires have been slashed in a predominately Orthodox Jewish community in New Jersey in recent days, according to authorities there. “All of the vehicles targeted in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, were owned or driven by Jewish people. The incidents are being investigated as bias crimes,” police told ABC New York

In an apparent response to recent comments by U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, the U.S. State Department modified its official definition of anti-Semitism to include “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of Nazis” as an example of anti-Semitism in public life. In May, the State Department defined anti-Semitism using

The Left is losing their minds after President Donald Trump retweeted a widespread theory alleging former President Bill Clinton and his scandal plagued, twice-failed presidential candidate wife, Hillary Clinton, are connected to the death of pedophile and accused child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Hours after Epstein was found dead in a

According to a report by Patrick Howley at Epoch Times, former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden was not a huge fan of diversity back in the day. “Biden argued that diversity is not America’s strength in a speech at the National Bank of Auburn’s fourth annual business forecast luncheon,

Fresh off of the news that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has filed for divorce from her husband (not her brother, the other husband) for a second time, Daily Mail released a video of her leaving a restaurant with an unidentified man, with whom she appeared to be engaged in a romantic manner.

While Twitter continues to engage in mass bans of conservatives, even banning conservative users for posting “hate facts,” the social media platform has no issue with a post featuring a graphic image of President Trump’s severed, murdered corpse. Promoting the new film Dadda: Donald and Daisy Duck Adventure, actor and

Amazon has removed a documentary exposing menace mass migration and Islam pose in Europe from its Prime Video Service, citing “quality assurance” concerns as justification for the platform’s censorship. The documentary, Killing Europe, produced by independent filmmaker Michael Hansen, had been hosted on Amazon since 2017 without issue. But after the conservative-leaning

When asked to denounce Al-Qaeda and female genital mutilation, scandal-plagued Rep. Ilhan Omar refused to do so on Tuesday while speaking in Washington DC at the inaugural “Muslim Caucus”, arguing the question is “waste of time” and premised on Islamophobia. “Will you be able to make a statement against FGM? Because

After speaking at a pro-socialist and communist rally at Reagan National Airport outside of Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was asked by LauraLoomer.Us contributors Jacob Engels and Alicia Powe to condemn the recent Antifa terrorist attack on an ICE detention center in Washington state. In the exclusive