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Did you know that the top 1% has more wealth than the rest of the planet combined? And just 62 ultra-wealthy members of the elite have as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion people on the entire planet. These brand new numbers come from a shocking report that was

The British Parliament on Monday debated whether or not to ban Donald Trump from the country for the crime of saying that in light of jihad terrorist attacks, there should be a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration into the U.S. I did not expect for one moment that the Brits

With the three-ring circus that surrounds this presidential election cycle and the corruption inside the Beltway, America has become an embarrassment. Candidates are engaging in tit-for-tat verbal jabs indicative of six year olds fighting over a Pop Tart. Hussein Soetoro continues his boldface lying to the American public while violating

We have been tested and have failed…now comes the judgement. As the economic collapse seems to be transpiring before our eyes, it was the perfect time to speak Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, today’s guest on the NorthWest Liberty News radio show. Michael is a prolific researcher, and he

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – There’s nothing inherently wrong with being uncomfortable around firearms, and not wanting to own them. There also isn’t anything wrong with trusting the police to protect you as opposed to protecting yourself with a gun, if that’s your personal choice. But the moment

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – As the Southwest grapples with a devastating multi-year drought, farmers in the region have expressed growing frustration over where their precious water is going. Namely, they’re upset by the fact that countries like Saudi Arabia have been buying up farmland in the US,

Article first appeared at by Melissa Dykes Thedailysheeple –This is the level we are at. V for Vendetta and 1984 have has nothing on the modern human race. Especially in Western society, we have been socially engineered ever since the atom bomb was dropped and at an accelerated pace since 9/11

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple -Despite the best efforts of Washington and the Pentagon, the situation in Afghanistan is not going as planned. The Afghan Army is slowly crumbling as desertions mount, and the Taliban continues to make new gains in the country. Among many problems faced by

In five articles this week, I will first explain why the Second Amendment movement has done more harm than good.  Next, I will demonstrate the constitutional connection between the longstanding arguments about firearms, militia, and Western lands.  Then, I will demonstrate how NRA and GOA have never actually worked to

If dealing with the embarrassment of Hussein Soetoro for the last seven years was not enough, the current bickering back and forth between Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz as they vie for the 2016 GOP presidential candidate nomination has produced plenty of disgust. Not only are the American public