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No one wants a Muslim in the White House any more than they want one in Congress.  Islam is antithetical to American government.

John Walker Lindh was an Islamic mercenary fighting with the Taliban against the CIA’s mercenaries, the Northern Alliance. Although he was effectively brainwashed by Wahhabi hatred for and violence against so-called apostates (Shia, Christian, anybody who is not a Wahhabi nutcase), this does not mean he will begin killing people the moment he is released. Simply put, the reaction to Lindh’s prison release is being used to once again promote the war on terror and the two-minute hate sessions broadcast over the war propaganda networks against a broad array of enemies, many of them created from scratch.

Judicial Watch also discovered via another Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that Nellie Ohry, whose husband is Bruce who was formerly at the DOJ, deleted their exchange of emails that were from his DOJ account.

Good for Judicial Watch and good for the judge in bringing the smackdown on this criminal Antifa organizer, though one can suspect that like many Antifa leaders, her fines will be paid by George Soros.

Trump is going to continue to stand strong because he can’t afford to look weak on China with an election coming up, and the Chinese are not going to throw in the towel when they may only have to wait 18 months for Trump to be out of the picture. So, for now, we have a trade war to deal with, and with each passing day it is going to become increasingly painful.

The New York Times contacted Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss his anti-American politics, his participation in a Marxist terrorist rally calling for the death of Americans, and solidarity with Russia and other enemy regimes.

Seriously, this has become more like a soap opera, not a circus.  The people entrusted to bring justice have done anything but that concerning Hillary Clinton and we already knew that Loretta Lynch was a Constitution violator before she stepped into the Department of Justice.  James Comey has obvious problems

“Judicial Watch will continue pressing for the secret FBI chart of potential Hillary Clinton crimes,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “The FBI should focus on this Clinton ‘matter’ now that it is unencumbered by the corrupt  partisanship of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc.”

Governor Ron DeSantis is aware of this.  Attorney General Ashley Moody is aware of this.  State Attorney and best buddy to Carmine Marceno, Amira Fox Dajani whose family has Islamic terror ties and she has an abundance of corruption surrounding her, is aware of this.  FDLE is aware of this.  The Southwest Florida media is aware of all of this. And every single one of them has remained silent, buying time, not doing anything about the criminal top cop in Lee County.

It seems that the fees that Mager presents to the court during the hearing in November 2017 have absolutely nothing to do with Williams’ underlying rape case, but with fees he wants to tabulate for services he never rendered her.  In other words, it appears that he got involved in the case to simply make work for himself that he believes he should be able to bill her that total over $400,000!