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Again, another story that didn’t quite make it into the mainstream news’ narrative involving Jeffrey Epstein.  In June of last year, decorated former Palm Beach detective Joseph Recarey died after a “brief illness” at the age of 50, and that’s basically all we know, but do a search for him

Of course, we know the corporate-owned, CIA-controlled media works hand in glove with unconstitutional agencies like the FBI, who has designated “conspiracy theorists” as a possible terrorist threat.  However, those who question the official narrative actually are a threat to their power structure, and thus, they must be labeled “enemies

The alleged “suicide” of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is just another in a long line of people declared enemies of the state that have quietly and suspiciously been silenced before they could actually speak and tell what they know.  While there is plenty of reasons to doubt the official narrative coming

Here again, we see the Trump administration treading into waters that neither it nor Congress is authorized to be in.  Yet, here they are talking about links between mental health and violent behavior, and they want to use your own technological electronics against you.  In fact, among the devices considered

As sometimes happens when a government gets bigger than the means it was intended to be, when a journalist makes a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, that journalist may just be spinning the wheel for a bigger information article than he bargained for.  Such was the case with Curtis

While many outlets that carried this story over the weekend focused on the calm patron at the bar, relaxing, drinking and smoking, the first thing that came to my mind was that out of the numbers of patrons and the bartender, not one of them was armed to deal with

The wearing of hijab is a sign of Sharia compliance, and that may mean trouble for the notorious Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Stoning adulterers is not “extremist”; it is Islamic law. And Ilhan Omar may be one. The New York Post reported Tuesday: A Washington, DC, mom says her political-consultant husband left

We all know that billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein did not die by suicide. Either the man had an elaborate escape plan or he was suicided, but he did not off himself. And it isn’t just you and me that think this. Epstein’s attorney also told a US District Court judge

Remember nurse, Alex Wubbels, who refused a request made by Detective Jeff Payne to draw blood on an unconscious patient without a warrant or court order in 2017?  Well, he was fired, but quietly rehired. Here’s the video of the tyrannical cop handcuffing and arresting this innocent, lawful nurse who

We have been told billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, despite the clear indication that either he was murdered or that he made an elaborate escape.  However, his victims still are pursuing justice, but those being represented by Gloria Allred should be put on notice and made aware of what