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Malkin is right. If Democrats are going to go through a two-year-long investigation into something that never happened when it was their own party leaders, including the usurper of the White House that engaged in unlawful conduct, then someone needs to be very loud in getting to the bottom of the unlawful conduct, supported with documented evidence, of Ilhan Omar.

It doesn’t seem that this behavior is going to stop at all, and it is very much the normal behavior Biden has engaged in for some time.

This is highly relevant, not just from the things I’m drawing from, but earlier this year, Allred and Avenatti were apparently working with the same goal in mind:  Going after singer R. Kelly for sex with underage girls. However, we all know that both of them were merely competing for media attention and money.

Attkisson then concluded, “I’m no political expert but, to me as an Average Joe, the continued focus on supposed obstruction of a crime that wasn’t committed simply smacks of desperation.”

The state of California is looking to try and also move away from the Federal Reserve, at least to some degree.  The California Senate has just passed a revolutionary bill that will nullify the control of the Federal Reserve over the cannabis industry.

Should Biden actually make it through the Democrat primaries, and from all appearances, it looks like he might, his greatest opponent will be Joe Biden.

With this last election, we saw many Muslims elected to office and in the coming election, we are sure to see many more.

Obama and his cronies should all face treason charges and if found guilty, which they will be, they should all be hung publicly.